~Galactic Free Press~

~Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure~

~Breaking News~ Prepare for a Mass Awakening into The Higher Dimensions~

~Pre-First Contact Information of High Velocity Light, Pure and True~

The Silent Evolution, Liberation of The Soul
Love from the Inside out, Mother Earth and ALL of HUmanity is Now Fully Immersed in The Total and Complete Transformation, Of Love Everywhere Present on Planet Earth=Heart.

Listen Closely to the above Video!!

Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven.We are Your Family of Light, from the Stars, The Elohim. We are the Ground Crew for First Contact, Your Medical Team, Here to assist you into True Reality, which is the Love you are, Everywhere Present, which is Equal to US! DECREED! Also We Thank Each of you, For Celebrating that We, Mother and Father God, are Present Here in the Physical Manifest with you, and Letting others in on this Grand Secret, by sharing our Information. This is why We call it a “Silent Evolution”[ We are here on a Secret Mission, its only a secret until everyone discovers, ITS US, YOUR REAL PARENTS OF CREATION].

Everyone on Planet Earth=Heart has their own Roles to Play,in the Divine Plan, Equally. In the Light no one is better then any other, WE are ALL Love, All Equal. We Love you Unconditionally, and are Here in Service to you and the Love each of you are.

Greetings Love Beings, Many Blessings, Miracles, and Magical Synchronostic Events.

Inside each of you is the same information we are sharing and We are here to assist you in Remembering, WHO YOU TRULY ARE, so that You can lift yourselves out of the program, what some refer to as duality, and into the Higher Realms, which are ALL HIGHER THOUGHTS OF ONLY LOVE, LAUGHTER AND JOY!~

We share with you, Through each Message, Universal Codes that are held in your DNA that WE Placed there for Humanity’s Awakening. This is meant to assist you in your process as you allow, accept, and embrace the Gifts of Love. We placed all of the codes within the Body Hologram ourselves as to ensure that no one or nothing could mess with them is any way. THIS IS HOW WE KNOW THE CODES, WE PLACED THERE THERE.

Through our messages, are activations for these DNA codes within you,so that you can tap into the Universal Understandings, and then Remember, that You are Love Everywhere Present and So is Everything else. This Reconnects you into the Grid, Higher Self. We are Going to discuss today what is about to Occur, as Love Everywhere Present, The Love Called God Everywhere Present, has been Decreed and what this means, as Love Transforms from the inside, out. A MASS AWAKENING IS NOW TAKING PLACE AS MANY WILL BE ENTERING INTO THE HIGHER REALMS. WE HAVE NOW REACHED THE TIPPING POINT WHERE LOVE IS NOW BURSTING FORTH INTO THE PHYSICAL REALM AT AN UNSTOPPABLE VELOCITY.


Vibrational Frequency~ A single Vibrating motion, rapidly moving into Higher and Higher Frequencies. Example~ You are made up of Atoms, which carry a Vibrational Frequency in Creation, the Ocean of Love. AS EACH OF YOU AWAKEN YOU ENTER INTO THIS VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY WHERE ONLY LOVE OCCURS IN EVERY OUTCOME

Grander~Greatness, Splendor. Example from the dictionary “The Planet is charged with the Grander of God.” Example~ In True Reality, the Experience is always Grander and Grander, because Creation or Love, can only Grow and Expand and Becoming Grander.

Grand~ Large and Impressive in size, scope, extent, Magnitude, Splendid, Complete, extremely impressive. Example~ Each of you, Are In Truth, Grand Beings of Brilliant Light. BE THIS!

Pure Consciousness~ Free from all impurities [free from lower thoughts]. Having an awareness of one’s own existence with everything else in existence, Sensations, and ALL Joyous Thoughts~Higher Thoughts. Being Awake, Responsive. Example~ In Truth each of you are Made up of Pure Consciousness energy Of Light, Love, and Pure Joy. THE HIGHER THOUGHTS OF JOY ARE THE ONLY REAL THOUGHTS THEREFORE THE ONLY EXPERIENCE~

Natural~Not altered, treated or disguised, Present. Example~ Your Natural State of Being, is Being Present in the Moment of Now, this Is True Reality,The Kingdom of Heaven. Love Everywhere Present is Your Natural State,anything other than this is a program.

Ignore~ To refuse to pay attention to, disregard. Example~ If others ignore our information, We Just send them LOVE. Cause we do not ignore them.

Understand~To Perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of. To accept as Fact and Truth, and agreed understanding of Intelligence. An indicator of “Divine Intelligence”. Example~ If you Understand the Love you are,Then you Have GOT IT! We Give you Universal Understandings through our Messages to you.

Unity~ The state of Being One. Example~Father God and I are here to assist in Unifying the Planet and then Everyone is in Unity, on Planet Earth=Heart and Beyond. We have Made a Special Visit to This Planet, this in itself is pretty remarkable!!

Atom~ An Energy of Pure Consciousness Energy. Example~ Every Atom in Creation has Been Called Home back into High Velocity Light. Currently, these Atoms are bringing with them all other Atoms to the Light. GOTCHA!

We have shared with you that currently on the Planet are the Givers and the takers [the definition of a taker is one who is ignoring the self, or the Real Being inside]. The Givers on Planet Earth=Heart are actually the”Meek”, which “The Meek~Givers, Will Inherit the Earth”. The Givers came into this realm with More Energy, Higher Thoughts and are more capable of Lifting Themselves out of duality, and back up into the Higher Realms. By Natural Law, and the Flow of Creation, the Givers will be “Drawing,Coming” Together.

As far as the takers go, we say let the dead bury the dead. We say this because it is the Reality, when you are in the program you are dead, you have no life force energy. The energy is being sucked from you by the program. When We share this Reality with you, some of you think we are being mean. If this is so, it is because of the Truth that you may be ignoring yourself. We say stop ignoring yourself, and Wake Up, you do not have to remain ignorant. AS we have said We Did not come here to “save” anyone, this is impossible, only the being can make this choice for themselves, to BE Love. The takers are in a vicious cycle, where they are ignoring their selves, the Real Being inside. This is not our choice to make for them.

Now, Your Primary Focus as the Givers and Receivers of this Planet Earth=Heart,is to Put all of Your Focus on the Highest Truths, and then Share them.This would be Utilizing your Energy to the Highest Possible thought,Equal to Experience, and then You receive more and more of Love Everywhere Present, which includes YOU!

We will Begin Seeing more and more fallouts or breakdowns of the old paradigm. This could result in changes in people and places around you. Relationships that were in the old energy, will no longer work,all types of them [Some may even leave their bodies in strange and unusual ways, if they cannot adjust to the new Frequencies on the Planet]. Each of you during this Process will then begin Your Real Journeys and Destinies. You each have a choice To Be Love, Light, and Joy, or in misery, fear, pain, and suffering. The latter choice is just illusion or the ego program.

The Atoms that make Up this Realm are just Vibrational Frequencies, of Pure Consciousness Energy. You are also made up of these Atoms. You are Just Energy. Now ask Yourself, How would you Like to Use this Energy? Our Answer [which is Always YES to LOVE] , is For the Greater Good of the ALL, in all Moments. This Experience, the same as “Love Everywhere Present”, is one of always Grander and Grander, Oh,My God, Experiences! This is Source Connection, Creation. This is the Energy which is only in the Present Moment of Now, LOVE. A Co-Creation of Ever Expanding, Eternal, Grandness, never ending, just becoming Grander! Is this an OH! My! GOD?

Now, There is More to this OH!My! God! Understanding. When you are in the Present Moment of Now, you Experience, Feelings of Utter Joy! For Love Only Exists in the Presen tof NOW, Love is all There Is, so this is your only experience ! These Feelings of Love and Joy Energy are actually Creational Energy of Atoms, that when “charged” with These Feelings [High Vibrational Thoughts=LOVE], the Energy is sent into Creation, To Recreate in Grander and Grander Ways, through the Continually Raising Vibrational Frequencies. This is the Understanding of Creation in its finest Understanding of exactly How Creation Functions, as an Organism, which is ALIVE, within you and all Around You, This is Love Everywhere Present.

In Truth you are Creation, this is Who You are. All Joy,Light, and Love are the Highest Possible Frequencies of the Atoms, and because of this Move at High Velocity Light, Gathering together, Moving Upwards, to Higher and Higher Frequencies of the energy or the feelings of Love Everywhere Present, Grander and Grander!

The Givers on this Planet will be abundant, because they share and give to each other. The takers are so empty, they have nothing to give, but a need to survive and take from others. It is IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE mind, which are the takers, to keep up with the Highest Possible Thoughts or Vibrational Frequencies. It cannot go there, this is just the Reality.

The Highest Truth, Within Universal Understandings, is that You and ALL of Humanity, All of Creation, is made up of Pure Conscious Energy.Unconsciousness, or what we refer to as ignorance, or dumb stuff of isolation and separation, just does not exist. You may still have a belief [BULL S***] because you still see illusion, that it exists. It does not Really, and will be Transformed in the New Energy. Love is Here, Filling in all the gaps or holes of unconsciousness, Love is Everywhere Present, and is expressing from the Inside out. What is Creation made of? Creation is made of LOVE, True, Real Love. Father God and I are in the Center of Love, from the Inside. WE are Carrying this Energy from the Inside, out, and ALL of your Higher Selves are Also Present as this is Occurring. This is “The Silent Evolution”, ALL illusion through this Process will disappear, this is the True Reality of the Transformation the Whole Planet is in. Illusion cannot exist,When Love is Everywhere Present. It does not matter what is currently occurring in illusion, because it is a lie, it’s fake. What is Really Going on, On Planet Earth=Heart? What is Really Going on is being shared by US, and many other Messengers, sharing the Truth with you.This is where your Focus is Required!!

Events~ Continually Grounding the Kingdom of Heaven Love Energies of oneness into Planet Earth=Heart, through this event ego’s dissolve inevitably. The Transformation has Begun, from the Inside Out, Love is Everywhere Present!




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web: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/

With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff


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We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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