the unknown

~Galactic Free Press~

~This incoming Energy  Requires Each of You to be completely In The Present Moment of NOW. The Unknown is far from being comfortable or secure, and requires Complete Trust in Love. The Unknown is Where Magic and Miracles can Really Occur, it is where You Arrive out of illusion and Into True Reality!~


The Strongest Force is Love



Uncertainty is a gift from God”

“Certainty does not exist, it is an illusion”



WE have Been Preparing Humanity Years Now for these Moments that We Are In. WE have Shared with You to Let go of all attachments [Everything from the old Energy], as the old must fall away for the new to arrive, there is no other way. We have shared how important it is to Be in a State Of Centered Balance, and that it’s important that you connect in With Mother Earth.


Mother Earth is in Transition, Much is Going to Occur. The Surface of the Earth will change, and many more will be leaving the Planet in Mass. Trust the Outcome of a New Earth, Based on Equality, Love, and Abundance for ALL. This statement will be important to ReHeart Yourselves with in the days, weeks, and months Ahead. You should also ReHeart Yourselves, that You Volunteered to Be here as all the Changes are Taking Place. The Truth of Love is all that You can Count on Firmly. Allow This Truth of Love Be The Strength that Guides You Every Moment, NO MATTER WHAT!


If You Wonder Why Father God and I came in for this, it was to Help you through the changes, and To Walk with You Home into The Light. We Were Requested to be here, By Mother Earth, and ALL of YOU. Our Love For This Planet, and ALL of Humanity is SO Immense, many have a challenging Moment Grasping this, because you have been suppressed,conditioned, and lied to for so long. Take a Moment Right NOW, and Feel this Immense Love in Your Hearts, and remember this Truth of Just How Much WE Love YOU.


The Gift of Unconditional Love



The Unknown is A Gift, it’s Living in Complete Freedom and Love. If You stay attached to the known, you not only miss the Grand Experiences that would have occurred, but you also remain in illusion, and a slave to it. By hanging on to the familiar or known, eventually the Energy Flow, just as in our example of the plugged up water, will just burst out. In the New Energy there is nothing of the known, there is nothing to hang onto, and this allows for Grander and Grander Experiences and for the Energy to move, into Higher and Higher Vibrational Frequencies. This is why so many say “GO WITH THE FLOW”. Going with the flow, and allowing Love to Move and work through you. If you attempt to hang on, then as these Energies Enter, it will become increasingly more and more difficult for you. This is the Reality and The Truth.


The Planet’s [Mother Earth’s] Inevitable Destiny overrules all of Humanity’s petty differences. She is on Her schedule as part of her Transformation. The Planet is our Main Priority. Mother Earth has Her Destiny to Fulfill within Creation and We must move Forward whether beings are Present or not. Since Humanity is currently here for This, everyone has been commissioned to Participate in the Transformation. Mother Earth is Preparing to adjust herself, for her presentation as the Center of “The Star Seed Nation”. We of The Galactic Federation of Light are Precisely on Task. Soon However, it will be Humanity that MUST Step up to the Plate, Clean the Plates, or ride on the plates, as they adjust themselves. We of the GFL or Mother Earth do not care about any fantasies in regards to the True Reality of Awakening, Equal to The ALL on this Planet. This Awakening is Inevitable! Those who choose isolation and separation have chosen to be isolate and separate from the Planet and this is not a Real or intelligent thing. If beings are in illusion, Mother Earth cannot See them. WE Will Say Again to You, That Mother Earth is a Living Breathing Being, just Like Human Beings, and her Only Connection to Each of You is If You are Awake. Then she can connect and Protect you, as the Earth changes take place. Please Share the Truth with Others!!”


To Schedule a Private One on One Session with US, where WE Assist you in Clearing Energy fields, Raising Vibrational Frequencies, assisting you to Full Consciousness, provide you the tools to assist yourself and others to Fully Awaken, assist you in remembering Your Part of the Divine Mission, and work Directly with Your Angelic Team, you can Email US at


Thank You for Making A Donation today and Honoring Our Work and Dedication For YOU and Mother 


Current Events~Prepare yourselves for The Cleansing that is about to occur, and The Earth Changes.

Manifesting Visions~The New Earth Arrives in all its Splendor. True Equality and The Love Called God Everywhere Present is all that Exists.


About fathermothergod

We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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