all come  out of love  return  in love   as   all  wish  best  for   its brother now see  all    as part of you

say   sufring   iligimate  but   how  can we awake   with out  sufring   say   there  no  coeicidence  in this   litle  universe     in  constant expension    you may  say   natural deasater   are  pure coiencidence   or try to rationalise evrything   it is  of  no mather   seee  wath happend    when  desater hit   people forget  race gender and nationality    rembring  one  can stand  alone  and  be whole  unto  oneself    we  all  depend  of our  surending  is  this  have  this  way  compasion and  care  for    all  stranger  in sufring   oonly  when  it need  for survival     if  people  where  opend  to stranger  and  extend  hand   to   all  who see  sufring  bringing the best out of people   and  for greater good   there be   98% leesss  natural deasater

yes   sufring teach great lesson  it bring  humility     and   realisation   that   only as one   mankind can survive    and transend  the   psysycal transformation of the earth  will  not  happend   before  love laugh   and  great  compasion and understanding  happend    seeing  all   fear   most gone     embrace  all     into  one    and  there  place   where  only  love reflect   in evrything   and   people walk  very sofly upon the earth       the  hart   is  light    with a  mi  of  joy laugh  and sadness  wacthing   from above duality    all   and  know  there  a beter  way     wich    can end  sufring   and pain  but its a process     and  all  in its timing   will  ever again   humanity see   dark  one as  light   and   put them into power     then   crushing  the very one  chose   for   the reawaking   of  heart  reality       tought  dark  dosent exit       there  here chose   that  bring   more restriction  and pain      and  may  we    see  evrything  as a conduit of   experience   as   all react  to reality   from conditionemet and pain they experience   so  tnere  nevr  realy   was a real chose   cause  all   is  taint  and clog  for most   of  how   society   as   teach us  how to  percive    see    after   desaster   all  become  undiferienciate    as same  as the  buble  you shake  in a  champagne botle   its   give  a  blism of  real   god  perception  in som e way  seing   divine   hand  in  all thing     true  evrything      bless   be    who nevr extend  a hand   will never   experience  grace  nor  blessing    see   a  rainbow is imcmplet if  only one  color  is missing  when its spine  it dosent become  with clear   into colorless     seing  the true light      be as you are    and  dont raise  into  pride   see humility  as only key   into eternal grace


About fathermothergod

We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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