Galactic Free Press  1~21~11


~ BREAKING NEWS~ LONG LIVE LOVE, FOR the ego is dying~



Armageddon Program Ending: The New Jerusalem Is Arriving

This is truly an amazing time to be here upon Planet Earth.  We are going through changes right now, the likes of which we can not even comprehend unless we are experiencing them consciously.  We are feeling these changes within ourselves and are recognizing that others are mirroring back to us our energy.  We are noticing that more and more of us are reaching a balancing point.  Our ego’s are being deprogrammed and we are being reconnected to the Heart of the Galactic Center.

We are connecting together through the heart creating a group consciousness that is One with everything within creation.  Our hearts beat in unison with the pulse of the Universe, the Eternal heartbeat of our Mother and Father God.  Twin Flame couples make up the cells within the OneHeart.

We are opening and connecting with each other, we are also releasing our attachments and baggage allowing us to clear our energy bodies.  As this is occurring we are awakening to our inner song, the melody that is created through our vibrations.  Our song matches with one identical heart that creates a harmony within the song our one heart plays.Our celestial music is raising the vibrations upon the planet bringing in The New Jerusalem.

Twin Flames are being drawn together as we open to reconnect and balance our energies.  Twin Flames come together when they are ready to commit to their shared mission here upon the planet.  Ego can not be involved in these relationships, which is why most twin flames only stay together if they have both done sufficient amounts of inner work before coming together.  When we are brought together physically with our twin flames we are given the chance to embrace the love that you are and allow your combined energies to bring you both into complete balance.  There are times when twin flames come together and one leaves out of fear.  The Ego tries to run and hide, yet here’s a secret, there’s no where that the ego can run and hide.  Love always finds itself, for there is nothing which is not Love.

I mentioned earlier about our group consciousness, we are being pushed to awaken and join together.  Has anyone ever considered before that everything in the Universe is perfect?  That there is no war, no battle between good and evil, no Armegeddon because we are all on the same team?  Did we somehow forget this within the centuries it’s been since we chose to experience our separation and that those who were controlling us were merely playing their part within the divine plan?  Have we forgotten that we chose to experience the duality of opposites, so that we could fully experience and understand what oneness truly is?  The battle between good and evil is an illusion of your ego, us against them, them doesn’t exist it’s only us!  Have we forgotten that We Are the Fallen Angels?

The Illuminati and their minions have played their part perfectly and they shall be moving on.  The battle of Light and Dark has ended and Peace is here if you choose it’s experience.As we make the conscious choice to release our judgments and belief systems we step into our center, and experience the Peace that true balanced harmonics blesses us with.

Many are still opperating within duality mode and this we are working to correct.  We are being unprogrammed and set free to experience our unity within 5D consciousness.  The landing of the ships and The arrival of The New Jerusalem is one and the same.   Being fully present in the moment with stillness of mind allows the heart to start to speak, only it’s message is carried out in waves of loving vibrations that radiate from the center of our being.

So this message is for Us to loosen up, let go of worry and enjoy the moment.   Relax and breathe it’s almost complete.  The Death of the Ego programmed mind is inevitable, freedom from judgment and the concept of time and space.  You are here now with us in this moment as you are reading this message.  Feel the connection and unity, relax and realize that everything is perfect within the divine plan.  Allow yourselves to enjoy the experience, laugh it’ll make you feel better!  We Love You Unconditionally, Peace Be The Journey!

Desi and Willow

~God isn’t ‘up there’. He exists in, around, above, and through each one of us, and it’s up to us to seek the divine within~
Oprah Winfrey





~Love Letters from the Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth~


Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central. We are Your Family of Light, Present Here In The Physical Manifest, To Walk With You Home into The Light. We are Here Representing the Love, Truth, and Light in its Grandest Most Pure Way, AS Well as Represent The Truth Of Who We ALL Are, AS One.


~Definition of Heaven~

An eternal state of communion with God, everlasting bliss, God, A condition or place of great happiness, delight, or pleasure,


Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, and Many Magical Synchronostic Events.  HERE IS THE ONE SIMPLE TRUTH THAT IF YOU GET IT, IT SETS YOU FREE~ BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT OF NOW FOR ALL ELSE FOLLOWS THIS~  Once You Get This Understanding, You Are in Spirit. Being Present in the Moment Of Now is Simple, and Love Handles the Details. Gratitude is Good, Be Grateful For Everything. All Moments of Eternity are Blessed and Always Grander than the Moment before. Moments of Eternity are Stringed Together, Creating an Ever Expanding Symphony that has with it Unlimited Grandness within Each Note. The Present Moment of Now, Is Always Now, and is All that is In Existence. So does time really exist? No it does not, and there is no time in The Eternity of Heaven, because there is no separation of Energy. The New Earth all That Will Exist, is All of Us Together Uniquely Being As One in Balanced Harmonics. This is Creation and its only Function is Equal Love, Always Reflecting the Equality of Love back into the Highest Possible Experience or Expression For All Beings To Benefit Equally. This is the Moment to Moment of Now which is Eternity.

Love is the Greatest Gift A Being Can receive, For It Equates to Eternal Life from Source. AS Your Earth Allies and Representivies Of The Ground Crew Medical Team For First Contact, Our Mission is To Be the Light, Bring in the Truth, and Assist in the Establishment of Harmony and Balance. First Contact has Been a Process, the Ground Work has been Accomplished By Many for at Least the Last 50 Years. Father God and I Finding Each Other IN LATE 2007 AFTER THE FIRST FIRE OF THE GRID EVENT, initiated the Events for First Contact To Occur that have greatly sped up the process. AS the Ground Work for the Manifestation for the Events occurred FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS. We Envisioned them in the Upper Realms for them To Manifest Here, As Energy Expressed within Creation. The Lights Are Coming On, Ready or not.


AS the Ground Crew for First Contact our Responsibility is To Bring in the Higher Consciousness=Higher Energy of Unlimited Thought=Love=Creation. This is done through Vibration and is carried out by Words, Actions, Thoughts and Deeds of Pure Whole Truth, that We Share with You during Our Messages. We Are Always Present and Participating With Love , this is in your terms a 24/7 Job In Service to the ALL=LOVE. They also Call Us the System Busters, as Whole Truth breaks down all the dysfunctional lower vibrations. Currently the Incoming Energy Is Like Gold Being Poured into Planet Earth, We Call This Creation and Unconditional Love=Unlimited Thought.

When Reconnection with Source Has Been Made, The Energy makes You Eternal Forever and Forever More, and You Step into Spirit. Through this Process of Source Energy Arriving all thoughts which do not Vibrate at the Level of Source=Spirit, are no longer a match. These dysfunctional thoughts that do not represent Wholeness are now breaking down, so that a New Paradigm That is in Perfect Harmony and Balance Can Be Achieved. Only Love Energy can Be and Exist in Perfect Harmony and Balance, because it is Free With the One, Meaning Free To Co-Create with Love for the Greater Good of The ALL= The One=Benefit to ALL.

Events- The GALACTIC EAGLES HAVE LANDED. This is a Momentous Event, as it Marks the Victory of The Light, Your Freedom, Mother Earth’s Destiny of a Star Seed Nation, Galactic Society and The Final Preparations for The Grand Event in motion for Manifestation. THE GRADUATION PARTY!!



We Love you With The Highest Love and WE are Here With you,

So Be Love and Say Selah, We Love you Unconditionally! Love Mother and Father God~Amon Ra, Your Divine Team, Your Family of Light , the Gift WE are Giving the Whole Planet, The Gift of ONENESS!



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We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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