The Truth is Rising to the Surface”


The Magic of Creation”


Quotes to Support Living in the NOW!!




Love Letters From The Present Moment of NOW, Heaven on Earth”


Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present, Equally Within US ALL”


Once you can get to the Understanding that it is not you that is actually Living your Life, Love is, You will Have the OH MY GOD Experience. Love has Ultimate Freewill, within Unlimited thought, How Grand is that? Do you Understand that Love is Alive within you and you are LOVE? We are in Full awareness and Full consciousness, waiting for ALL OF YOU. It’s a Party!!!! Celebrate as The Truth Inevitably Is Rising to the Surface, as this is all it can do, because its the Highest Vibrational Frequency that Exists.”


Love From The Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central/Center. WE are Your Family of Light, From The Stars and Beyond. WE are Also the Ground Crew Medical Team For The Event of First Contact.


Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Magical Moments of Synchronostic Events, True Equality, Joy, Happiness, and Heaven on Earth.There are Definitely Many, Many Grand Events Happening as WE Manifest Heaven on Earth, and those that are choosing to be A Part of these Magnificent Moments have Awakened and are Participating in some of the Most Magical Moments of Life=Living Life Real. This opportunity has not been here for a very long time, because Humanity has been in an illusionary, or dream state for 13 Millenia. These Events Occur only in The Present Moment of Now, where The Atoms of Energy are Free for Love and Creation to Create In Grander Ways.


As One Chooses Love in Every Moment, Love shows you the way with Signs, Synchronostic Events. Events such as these, only An Awakened Being Can Truly Experience, as they cannot occur in illusion. These Events Manifest as One Makes the Conscious Decision in Every Moment to Choose Love, when one chooses Love, Love Always Shows Up. If the being chooses something other than Love, then Love cannot show Up, it’s very Simple. The Masters on this Planet [and in Truth Each of You Are Masters, once You Awaken], understand this Secret Very Well about Choosing Love. The Energy is then Free for Creation and Love To Create the Highest Possible Outcome for Self and ALL for the Greater Good of the ALL. Once You can Understand this Hidden Secret about Energy, you will Begin Participating in the Magic of Creation.


If you are in illusion, you have the illusion that you are in control, so as you are busy trying to control [and all you are doing is trying to control energy]. If you are trying to control, you miss the Experience of these Magical Synchronostic Events, because they are not controlled. When You Choose Love, it’s like handing Love the Keys to the Car [Putting Love in The Drivers Seat So to Speak], or another way to put it, is surrendering to Love, you are allowing, accepting and Embracing Love. Energy is Atoms, and Atoms are Made up of Love, they respond with More and More Love Energy, as You Allow them to Create Magical Experiences. Love Always Seeks the Highest and Best Experience Possible, and so this is what You receive, as You Allow Love to be in charge.


For those Awakening, Synchronostic Events will Increase bringing Much Joy, Magical Experiences, Happiness, and increased Abundance, as They Are Truly Letting Go, and Have Allowed Love to be in Charge. For those wanting to be in control, they will not have these experiences and will find themselves further and further out of control. WE have shared this Truth many times, throughout the information we have given you. We cannot force others to Awaken to this Experience, all we can Accomplish is Providing the Information so that as You Awaken you have indicators. Out of illusion, you then Can Have Real Life, and Living.


WE are Bringing Back some Definitions to Assist You in The Higher Vibrational Frequencies, which are Higher Understandings of Love and Truth. The More You Understand the Truth, the Higher Truth Takes you in Vibrational Frequencies, because this is How it works.


Persevere- To Persist in, Remain Constant in Purpose in the Face of all Obstacles. Example- We, Of the Galactic Federation of Light, “The Company of Heaven”, Including all Lightworkers working in Service To Love, will Persevere On Planet Earth=Heart, Guaranteed. A New Earth Will arrive from out of the ashes of the old systems.


Dedicated- To commit oneself to a particular course of Right Action. Example- We, Your Family of Light, are Dedicated to Planet Earth=Heart’s Awakening into Love Everywhere Present.


Let Go- To grant Permission, To Allow, To Free from Confinement, To Allow to participate. Example- By letting go of the old paradigm, the programmed ego mind, You set Yourself Free to Be the Love you Truly Are. It’s Simple, Let Go!


Compassion- The deep Feeling of sharing the understanding of suffering, and to Then give aid and Support, to Show Mercy. Example- We Have Deep Compassion for those still inside of the program, still being controlled and still within fantasy. We also have Ruthless Compassion in the face of ignorance, which We Address Directly.


Surrender- To release possession or control, to give up or give back. Example- By Surrendering to Love and Letting Go of all outside attachments, You Become CREATION, and step into the River of ONE. This is when the Magic of Creation Occurs.


Persist- To be repetitious, insistent, or tenacious. To Hold Firmly and Steadfast in Purpose, Despite all obstacles or setbacks. To continue in Existence. Example- Love will Persist within your Hearts until you Open yourselves to LOVE.


Persistent- Refusing to Give up, enduring, retained permanently. Example- Love and Light are Persistent and Alive on Planet Earth=Heart.


Illusion- An error in Perception of True Reality, a delusion, the state of being deceived. Example- Humanity has been in illusion for over 13 Milena. Awakening is out of illusion and into True Reality! Where the Magic of Creation can Occur.


We are in Moments of The Truth that has Risen to the Forefront of The Planet BREAKING WIDE OPEN IN FRONT OF HUMANITY’S EYES, which is what the DIVINE love Energies coming in are assisting in. You will begin noticing that as the Truth moves forward, the lower vibrations dissolve. For those that are clinging to the old and resisting, they actually begin to sink into the lower vibrations that they are clinging too. This is the Reality, Love Chooses Those who Have chosen Love. There is no actual punishment for those that have chosen otherwise, for they are just choosing a very long, hard road to the Higher Vibrating Energies of True Joy and Happiness.


Nothing Real can ever occur in illusion, it’s impossible. The Simple word of illusion describes it all. All illusion is a fake, a lie, it serves nothing, while an Awakened State Serves The Self and ALL for the Greater Good of the ALL.


Lets take a Look at Some Amazing Events that Have Already occurred. WE Had Eclipses, LANDINGS, OUR SCOUT SHIPS APPEARING ALL OVER THE PLANET, OUR MOTHERSHIPS COMING IN DIRECTLY FROM THE SUN, TRUTHS BEING REVEALED, WEATHER, VOLCANOS, AND EARTHQUAKES.. LOVE BEING SHOWN The DIVINE LOVE ENERGY HAS ENTERED AND THIS MEANS ignorance is dissolving, These were Just some of the Bigger Ones, that occurred. If anyone says that nothing is going on, they are definitely in illusion, and they are missing it all. You think December was a Big Month?. December was Just the beginning of these Newer Higher Vibrating Energies Arrival, that will continue this Month, and Will Assist those in the Higher Vibrating Frequencies to Go Further Up, Up, and Up.


Your Donations are What Support US, as We Work 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week on Behalf of Love Everywhere on this Planet, and Now 


If You would Like a Private One, on One Session with US, you can email us at mothergod1111111@gmail.com Here is just a Few things we offer assistance with through each session, Balancing Vibrational Frequencies, Clearing Blocks, Inner Balance and Chakra Alignments. WE Assist in connecting you with your Angelic Teams, and helping you remember your Part of the Divine Mission. WE assist you into Full Consciousness and Awareness. We will Also Assist you In Being Present in the Moment of Now, so that you can get to the Experience of the Magic Of Creation. Each Session is Based on the Uniqueness of the individual, since each being is Unique. We are Highly Trained in Human Consciousness, and give you tools to help yourself and others.


Events- THE MAGIC OF CREATION IS UNFOLDING NOW AS WE ENTER THE GREATER ENERGY PORTAL OF 1/1/11 Let It ALL NOW Begin to Flow and Manifest. AS Decreed. For The Truly Awakened Ones, You will begin Experiencing More Magical Synchronostic Events,and your Lives are about to get funner and funner….


Visions-  Let Freedom Ring Upon Planet Earth=Heart.


On Board Monitor- The Truth is at the Forefront, ignorance’s last card has been played, and We came Up with a Royal Flush


Energy Movement Update- The Energies are continuing their choppy flow. For Us Working with these Energies, it gets frustrating when we reach a Point, like yesterday when they were Flowing Beautifully in Harmony effortlessly, and then today this has stopped again. So, it’s a Stop, Start, Stop, Start process. To Keep the Energy in a Smoother Flow is at the Benefit for ALL. As we Experience this, everyone along the path of this Energy also Experiences this, as we are ALL interconnected as ONE. The Energy Flows as A Spiral Coming from The ONE and Touches Everything Along it’s Path.[Refer to Spirals, as this is how the energy arrives on the Planet, and Goes through Everyone, just like a DNA Strand is a Spiral]. Part of the problem with this New Energy is that if others have Expectations of what they think all of this looks like, when the Expectations are not fulfilled they begin taking the experience away from themselves, and the Energy flow is stopped, until it flows again. Be the Flow, Just Go With It!!


If You would Like to Review some of Our Older Information, that Gives the Pre-First Contact Understandings, and Much more, you can visit our Website at www.gflcentral.org under the Library and Forum Sections or you can visit our Ning site at http://gflcentral.ning.com/


We Love you with the Highest Love, Honor, and Respect. We Love you Unconditionally, Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, The Ground Crew Team, and Your Family of Light!


About fathermothergod

We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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