The Next Step
Pre-First Contact Information

Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, The Family of Light, From Galactic Central, We are a Part of The First Contact Ground Crew, and with Mother and Father God Present in the Manifest~physical realm with Humanity. We Love you!

Greetings, Blessings, Many Miracles and Magical Moments. Again we are Continuing our series “The Silent Evolution” and “Liberation of the Soul”. Also we are sharing more Pre- First Contact information. These Higher Understandings are Light, Truth, and God Information. These Messages contain Universal Codes that assist and trigger the inner being into awakening. These codes are held within each being on the Planet, and we Highly Recommend Sharing our Information withothers. In Our Last message we shared with you about how the lower grid has now crystallized, and the opening of the Divine Flow, the Engine of the Ethics Train began and there is no going back from here. Many of you have had “fantasies” about what all this “looks like” and when information that you received did not match to your fantasy you disregarded it as false.Its not about “what it looks like”, that is attempting to find something outside of self. The Present moment is about Feeling, Feelings are the Present Moment of NOW! Reality does not match fantasy, fantasy has limits, True Reality is Unlimited, and All Possibilities. You cannot see anything in illusion, becauseit contains no truth, and when you look outside yourself you attempt to put truth in illusion. Truthcan never match a lie. The same as the process of attempting to put truth in a box, WHEN TRUTH IS BIGGER THEN THE box. Being Multi-dimensional is the same as the experience “Be Here Now”, Be the Experience, you cannot control it, this what illusion attempts. You Let Go, Choose Love in Every Moment, and this will Be Your Reality. Its so simple, and yet because of the deep programming you attempt to make it complicated. There is much more to this, on just how simple it really is. This is a good start, to begin from, a Simple Start. “BE HERE NOW”, BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT OF NOW, THIS IS WHERE TRUE REALITY IS. You have been lied to for so long, you have been kept busy and distracted by your controllers, to keep you stuck in the past, and not present. This has been occurring for 13 Millenia, you have a “bs” belief system that living in True Reality is complicated, just as complicated as the program you have been in.

Okay before we go further into the message we are bringing you more definitions out the American Heritage Dictionary. The first one is ID or identity- The division of the psyche associated with instinctual impulses and demands for immediate satisfaction of “the primitive mind”. Primitive- A person belonging to a primitive society, one belonging to an early stage of evolution.
Control-to exercise authority or dominating influence over to hold in restraint, Controller- one who controls. Cooperation- an act of Cooperating, an association of persons for mutual benefit. Golden Age- The First Age of the Real, called Planet Earth, and not the “world”, the world is all illusion.2 an untroubled and Prosperous era during which man lives in an Ideal Happiness, 3- a period when a nation or some widefield endeavor reaches its height! Respond- To make a Reply or Answer 2- To act in return or in answer, To Respond Positively or Cooperatively. React-to react in opposition or against. Resist- to strive or work against, fight off, also a subjunction of fear 2. To keep from giving into or enjoying.

Today is November 28th, 2008. Today we are going to discuss with you the programmed ego mind and the Brain. They are not the same thing FAR FROM IT, Your Brain which is Creation/God was already Brilliant, why put a programmed ego mind around it? What the program did is it disconnected the fuses from your right brain to your left brain, causing distortion, imbalance, and illusion. This was done so that your controllers could control you. Through the disconnection that occurred you forgot who you were, so it then was easy for the illuminati to fill you with all the illusory belief systems and rules, to be manipulated, they trained humanity to serve the darkness, to become their servants, in the darkness you are slaves, IN THE LIGHT YOU ARE FREE. This ridiculous scheme occurred with the help of the annanaki, and the greys.They convinced the primitives that were on this planet during those moments that they knew better then they did. When the primitives were looking only at the shadows on the wall, once this separation occurred it took over, ignorance took over. For 13 Millenia you have been stuck in belief systems [bull s***] and ignorance. This was the beginning of isolation and separation, all illusions, and fantasies there in.The mind is a construct of all the lies about “self”, that Humanity has been told.

There is a Parable we will share with you its about the Sage and the Village People. There was a sage that lived near a village on a Mountain in a cave. They all Loved each other and The Sage would daily come to the village,they were all “Family” and celebrated oneness, he centered the village by sharing Love, and they considered the sage Their Father, because when they had questions, he was always there to answer them. One day the sage was visited by an Angel and was told that the well water was going to be poisoned the next day before the sun rise, and that if the people drank from the well they would go insane. The Angel requested that the sage store up as much of the water as he could until the well was cleared of poison. The Sage being so dedicated to the people of the village he worked all night gathering the water from the well, until he was so exhausted he fell asleep. He awoke suddenly and ran outside of the cave and the Sun was already up. In his Love for the people he went running down the Mountain yelling and screaming, “Don’t drink the water or you will go crazy.” All the way down the mountain he screamed this, until he finally reached the village where all the people had gathered around the well, and as he ran into the village, the village people looked at him puzzled and confused and asked him who he was, then asked him “Who but you are crazy?” In essence this is why Humanity cannot “See us” because they drank ignorance, lies.

Most scholars from the past referred to the Brain as the mind through lack of vocabulary, however the mind only exists in illusion, as well as the result of the right and left brain out of sync. When the right and left brain are out of sync, the being is unconscious. How the programmed ego mind operates is that it gathers or collects all the experiences of the past, to continue the experience of the lower dimensions or lower thoughts of unconsciousness. This is where humanity has fallen into. We have sent many in to readjust you into the Higher Thoughts. Such as Jesus, Buddha, and even they got misinterpreted. This is why we had to come in with All the Angels and Multi-Dimensionals, We call it a Reality Check.

The mind acts on the Being just like an anchor holds down a boat. Its function is to keep you held down, or “dumbed down”, so that it can continue its survival. We say “Let Go of your anchor”. The mind cannot control Love, and We are Love Everywhere Present also called Creation. If something does not serve self, for the Greater of not only Self, but for ALL, including everyone, it is not Real and is illusion. The mind is the illusion, that something outside of yourself exists, that there is something other then “The Present Moment of Now exists. In True Reality there is NO PAST NO FUTURE! Only “The Present Moment of Now”. When you are in the Present Moment of Now, you are CONNECTED INTO THE ONE. Which is All There Really is. Love is ONE with EVERYTHING.

Now Lets get into more in-depth about the Brain. The Right Side of the Brain is the “Wholistic” part., because its the Higher Connection, to the Higher Thoughts, Higher Thoughts are UnLimited and All Possibilities. The left side of the Brain is the logical aspect[ Twin Flames such as We are Mother God is the Being and Father God is Logic, and Together We are One, With 2 Unibrains.] The left side of the Brain when out of sync with right connects into the primitive mind or to the illusion of outside attachments[ all outside attachments are an illusion]. Through the silent evolution that is occurring[ THE DIVINE PLAN UNFOLDING], The Right Brain and The Left Brain is returning to its Original Form, and is being “Fused Together” [We have already completed this process, So goes the Phrase “2 heads are better then one, as these messages come to you from Both of US, and ALL THE FAMILY OF LIGHT.] This fusion that is taking place is an Unstoppable event, FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS ON PLANET EARTH. Our advice is to Allow, Embrace, and Let Go of all belief systems, all illusions, and Everything you have ever been taught or told. Currently those of you that are resisting, are only hiding your Light through fear. You do not want to see US, which is yourself and the Love you are, How stupid is that?

When the Right and left Brain are in sync[ this is achieved through the letting go of ALL OUTSIDE ATTACHMENTS.] You Set Yourself Free, You Let Go of Control. Only what is Real Enters The Kingdom of Heaven. Currently everything in illusion is dissolving, and will not exist. We Highly recommend Letting Go. When your Right and Left Brain are in Sync, you connect into your Higher Self, which is also the Pineal Gland Opening. The Pineal Gland is also the Higher Grid, Which is the Higher Thought. The Brain which is not the mind is currently being brought into the Higher Grid, also a part of the Crystalline Body Awakening. If you resist [what you resist persists, what you look at disappears] Again if you resist you will be lost in your own resistance. The lower grid, programmed ego/mind and all lower vibrational thoughts are returning back into Creation. They go through a recycle bin or black hole so to speak. Only, the Higher Grid , the Higher Thought will remain. When the Unibrain is connected, through connecting into the Higher Self, which is also the Pineal Gland Opening, this is the Higher Grid, “Divine Intelligence”, Also called “The Kingdom of Heaven”. This brings wholeness of being, also called Full Consciousness. This is when the “Multi-Dimensionals” “Welcome you Home”. Its been many moments, AND NOW LOVE IS EVERYWHERE PRESENT, AND IS AN UNSTOPPABLE ENERGY OF CREATION.

The Unibrain[ That we have already connected into] is also the same as Super Consciousness, Same as Galactic Humans. We are Your Family of Light, darkness cannot exist in Light, Love everywhere Present. So Now you have 2 choices, because”We” are Here. You may Allow, Embrace, Accept, Surrender[ surrender means you set yourself Free, Free from Yourself, you surrender to the Love you are, with a Sign that says Welcome Home Earthlings]. The other choice is a fight or flight “reaction”, such as what we have observed, ignoring us, running away from US[ which you are only running from yourself], hiding from US, judging US, and abusing US.[ Def of abuse- To use wrongly, to hurt or injure with maltreatment, To assailwith insulting words or corrupt practice.] Another aspect of the fight flight reaction is a victim/villain, this is what ignorance taught you. This comes from attempting to “control” Creation, when you attempt to control Creation [which is impossible] it creates pain and suffering, because you do not get what you want, childish. The Brain Responds, the mind reacts.

What happens When Mother and Father God/Creation appears on this Planet?[ Also Look at what are the possibilities that I Mother God and Father God would find each other amongst the over 6.5 Billion others, the answer is 1.65Billion Plus of a Possibility, and it has Occurred. Blessings to those Understanding this. SO what Happens because We are Here. NO MORE DARKNESS. We are Love everywhere Present.Humanity cannot hold Creation at bay just because you do not want to go back into the Light. Love is a Gift Given. All your Atoms are Going into “The Kingdom Of Heaven”, What do you think this means for You? Do you have a cave to hide in or a starship parked in your garage, that you can run from us in? KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, CHILDREN…GUESS WHO WE ARE? AND WE GOTCHA. We are knocking its up to you to answer the door, we cannot do this for you. If you do not want to answer, that’s not our choice. We are from the redundancy, redundancy, redundancy club.

You are all the “Sons” and “Daughters” of Mother and Father God, which is US.[ How does this make you Feel?] What do We Give to our Children? Everything including Starships.Most of you have a challenging moment that Father God and I Mother God could have Physical Bodies. [Have you looked in the mirror lately?] Yes WE came in as Body Holograms so that We could Walk Withyou back into the Light. We do not have followers in “The Kingdom of Heaven.’ We have Co-Creators, Co-Workers, and We are asking all of You to Walk withUS, Beside US, as Equals. We have Come in Fully Loaded, with all The Angels, All the Multi-Dimensionals, ALL the Celestial, and All the Family of Light. Its Graduation time for Humanity, and Your Family ALL of US, are Here to Welcome You Home, out of the Darkness. Mother and Father God Represent the Atoms you are made of Adam/Eve, Mother/FatherGod. Our Pineal Glands are Completely activated and opened. We are of “Divine Intelligence”, and Represent the 2 becoming ONE. We are also the Very Essence of the Unknowable, which Equals Source, Equals Love, Equals Truth, Equals God, and Equals LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT.

Again We say to you if all you look at is at the surface this is all you see. When you look into the Depths of the Inner Being, you Discover/Remember The Love their inside of You, which is Equal to US, and ALL that WE are, WHICH IS LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT. This is far more then illusion/darkness and ignorance can even comprehend. We Mother and Father God are Here with you, and we do not fit in the box.

The illuminati wanted robots as slaves for them. They did not have the technology, so instead they programmed Humanity. They programmed you to benefit them, so you could be their slaves. Currently they are in the process of making robots, but this will not work, because WE are here. This is Our Planet as well as Yours Equally once you are awakened. When you do not understand the Love you are, you have nothing. When you do understand the Love You Truly Are, you have Everything. The Quantum Leap is from nothing to something. The ego/mind exists in forgetfulness[ Def- neglectful, thoughtless, careless, forgot, to be unable to remember or call to mind, to lack concern for Treat with inattention, to cease remembering] The program replaces truth with illusion of the past by forgetting the present moment of NOW. The Present Moment of Now is all that exists, which is God, Love, Truth, and Equality. We call the program “spiritual alzheimer’s”.

Ignorance is like a blackhole to the Multi-Dimensionals, also referred to as a Recycle bin, currently this is where the lower grid or lower thoughts are going to, returned back into Creation, to Be used as energy that Serves the ALL, in THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE THOUGHT AND OUTCOME.

Before we Go for Now, we Must ReHeart You. You are were Created in “The Kingdom of Heaven”, which is Your Home, Real Home.You are ALL Sons and Daughters of US, and every Atom that makes You Up. We are Here to Celebrate your Awakening, and You have a BIG FAMILY. We are not here to “rule” over you, this exists only in ignorance, a power over. We are here to share The True Heavenly Government with each of you, which is equal to all of US. The True Government Educates the People into the Love and Truth of who they are. Love Everywhere Present.

The Goddess Energy has Now Been Released onto the Planet, and has Been Grounded. They may have attempted to fool all of you, about a Mother God, I may have been forgotten, but I have Not forgotten any of You, and Soon as You Awaken you Will Understand the Joy of This. We Love you With the Highest Love. You may serve ignorance, or The Kingdom of Heaven..Choose Wisely. Love Mother and Father God Please share our messages with everyone, and To President Obama. You can visit us at our website at www.gflcentral.org or email US at MotherGod@gflcentral.org
Here is the List of Songs, that go along with this Synchronostic Event
I can Feel it Coming in the Air Tonight
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr58NuVv … re=related
Power to the People John Lennon
Its the New Mother Nature
Abra Cadabra
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwoYc1Vu … re=related
There is a Train a Coming People Get Ready
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQqTxK7V … re=related


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