~HUMANITY IS Coming Through the Veil”


Song “She’ll Be coming Around the Mountain”



Love Letters From The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth”


Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, From The Company of Heaven, and Galactic Central. We are Your Family of Light and Earth Allies on Planet Earth=Heart. We are Also The First Contact Ground Crew Team. Also Present With You is Us, Mother and Father God, Your Parents of Creation and Beyond. We Love You Unconditionally.



Heightened Awareness Is to Observe the Synchronostic Events Occurring Simultaneously.”


Love Always Says YES, When You say Yes, Love Says Yes Back!! It’s a High Five All Around the Universe, Love=Yes=Yes” .


Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, and Many Magical Synchronostic Events. Our Messages Delivered TO HUMANITY ARE Each in Truth, The Highest Legal Documents on The Planet. We, AS Love and Spirit, Hold The Highest Law in Existence, which is Unconditional Love. We Are the One Universal Law and Universal Understanding of Oneness and Equality. We Are the Law of the Land and We Are The Land, No Matter What. If You can Understand What this Means For You, you can Print these Out as they are Your Ticket To Freedom. There is No Law Higher then Love and Creation. If you Truly Understand The Love That You Are, This is the Moment to Share All Love IS With Everything. Be The Love You Are. Love Grants You this Gift, That Equals the ALL.


We Could Go to The Highest Courts on this Planet [which is Currently The Supreme Court of the United States] and Present The Very Truth Of The Words WE share, By Presenting them The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. The judges don’t really understand what they Actually Mean and Stand For. If they do not adhere to the Rights Clearly Stated in These Documents, they will have committed treason according to your current set up [they are also in violation of Consciousness=Love=God] . Each of them had to be Sworn in to Protect and Uphold The Constitution of The United States, which includes the Bill of Rights. These Stand For and Represent The Rights Of the People By the People and For the People. They do not stand for the rights of the corporations, and the institutions. The corporations have been lying, stealing, and cheating the People from their Rights To Pursue Freedom and Happiness by “making up” unjust and unfair rules to protect and fatten their bank accounts of corporations and institutions. They also have been withholding The Truth from The People to keep them in a state of tyranny and oppression=slavery. The Constitution Clearly States that These Rights Set forth In These Signed Documents are To Protect The people and not the institutions or corporations or the federal government. These Documents Further State That Each Person has the Protection under these Laws For True Equality and The Right To Pursue Happiness and Liberty=ALL. We Are Sure those in the Judiciary System Would Not like to commit treason, once they fully understand the True Laws that were Set up in 1787 with St. Germain [George Washington] and Team’s Help, A Perfect Set Up For Exactly This Moment of Now, when these Documents [The Us Constitution and Bill of Rights] Free the People from tyranny and oppression, Forever… And So It Is and So it Shall Be Done. AS Decreed. Mother and Father God


Better Way By Ben Harper



This is not a revolution that is occurring, a revolution uses war, guns, and fighting. This is Evolution that is Occurring Right Now, no guns are required nor war or fighting. Holding hands is Much More Fun. Creation is Occurring, Everything is Changing and This is where Everyone Will put the weapons down. Everyone Will Just be Happy as They Remember We Are ALL One and We Celebrate.”



Its the end of the world as We know it Song



In Truth, Humanity was not Created to bow down to the system,the system is meant to bow down before Humanity. This is The Constitution, the system that bows down before the People.”


Humanity is a Unique Species, this is Why From All Over and Throughout Creation Many have come in to Help. The Real Lightworkers that Are here on The Planet are a Part of the Best of the Best of The Best, Highly Trained in The Divine Plan and Carrying out the Plan. WE Are All Here to Help Birth A New Understanding, One Based On True Reality and not lies or illusion. Not Only have We Brought in The Best of The Best of the Best, We Also Have Many More Throughout the Other Dimensions Bringing The Whole Through. We Have Shared with you that This Truly is a Multi-Dimensional Event. With High Fives All the Way Around the Universe.


We are the Oneness of Consciousness, Aware in Every Moment, Multi-Dimensionally.” Mother and Father God


We Are Here to Help Bring HUMANITY Through the Veil [The Veil is the fear, where THEY think THEY cannot walk, and Yet THEY Have to walk to Make their Way Through, for The Awakening and The Graduation Of themselves]. All of humanity must  let go of their fear to step through, and they also have to understand and be aware of what they are afraid of so that they can let it go. WE are Of The Light, And We Are Only Love, In the understanding that Energy is Just Energy. If You are One that is resisting the Energy, Embrace the Energy and then Step through the Veil. Irregardless, all of Humanity is Going through the Veil, One Way or Another, This is The Divine Plan. Resistance is not going to keep Humanity from going through the Veil, it will just make it more difficult. All of Humanity will have to let go because there is nothing to hang to.” Mother and Father God


John Mayer, Heart of Life






~ALL, RIGHT Now, Are spiraling Upwards towards a New Beginning, a LIFE EXISTENCE That has Always Been Here, but has not been seen, UNTIL Now!

~HUMANITY IS NOW Ascending into the Upper Realms of Higher Consciousness and Are Expanding and Allowing the Higher Self to Be The Guide into The Higher Realms which opens the Doors To Eternity~

~All Of Humanity is Going deeper and deeper within, through this Ascension, making The Direct Connection to Source, Required for the continuum of Evolution and Creation. This is Lifting Them out of the chains and bondage of the limiting box and Into The New Reality of Love Forever after~

~Humanity’s Destiny has Now Become Reality~ All of You are As Shining Bright Brilliant Morning stars, Of a New Day and New Dawn~

~The Grandness of the Real Truth Being Revealed is Spreading to the cores of Every Heart, and then Reconnecting them into the Planet , Which is Connected to Love Everywhere equal to US ALL. The Energies of Love Are Pouring into every Heart that is beating, AS The Soul is Reconnected With Real Eternal Life~

~The old belief systems are tumbling down and They have been replaced with Love’s Law of Equality for ALL On The Planet. This is The Truth that is Ushering in Peace, Love, and Harmony=Balance~


~ Each God is Being Born into The Truth of Their Being they Become Brilliance, the GREATEST GRANDEST VERSION~VISION OF YOURSELVES EVER POSSIBLE IN HUMAN PRESENCE….

Are You ready to take the LEAP and Step beyond the Veil…….. and Co-Create HEAVEN ON EARTH?


As each of you wake up Your Will discover YOUR TRUE PURPOSE and The Mission for being in-carnation at this time~ and You Will Now Be Participating in your part of the Divine Plan that You Signed Up For~~

~CHANGE IS UNEVITABLE Because Spirit has Made the Call. It’s the Moment for all To Go Home, it’s the Clarion call and the Angels are Singing.

~The doors have been opened, Love is in the Drivers seat, and Love
says It’s the Moment all
Come Back Home……….Here we go as we
ascend INTO Unconditional Love, and True Oneness with ALL, for
life on Earth=Heart and beyond and all becomes ONE again.

~So Grand it’s hard to imagine, However when Love is Present ALL
…..Heaven on Earth is REAL….. Because LOVE IS REAL……
We Love you Written in Service to the Love and Truth on Planet


Events- The Remembrance of The True Self, The Birth of The God Self. Welcome To The Graduation Moments…


;Welcome To Heaven On Earth” Energies Unified and Experienced….Love is All There IS!!!

We Love You with the Highest Love Honor and Respect. We Love You Unconditionally. Love Mother and Father God Amon Ra, Your Family of Light, All The Angels, Everyone In Creation, and Your Ground Crew For First Contact.



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We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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