Preparing for First Contact


First Contact is raising your awareness of Spirit and leading you to question the many accepted “Truths” of your society.


First Contact is more then the arrival of a vast fleet. It is about the ending of our perceptions of ourselves and the start of a new paradigm of who we really are.


First Contact is a portent that we are shifting into something truly glorious!


Events after the Landings


After landing, Galactic Federation Teams will initiate open dialog with you about your experiences and feelings regarding contact.


This dialogue is about you, this planet and shifting this reality.


Amazing technologies are to be given to you and many more secret ones are to be revealed to you.


The Landings


There is a drawing of several people meeting 2 GF personnel as they step off the ship’s rampway, a male & femal extending their hand, they are wearing jump suits. There are several other ships in the background of different shapes with small groups of people & what looks like a Tv camera & a reporter holding a microphone interviewing a GF member.


Timeline after Landings


First Week – Interact with First Contact Personnel & Ascended Masters


First Month – Start of Techonogy Transfers & Begin Educational Programs


Second Month – Begin Pollution Cleansing & Renewal of Earth’s Eco-systems


Third Month – Start full consciousness training & finish reunion with I.E.


Fourth Month – Begin evacuation to Inner Earth & to Fleet

Copyright Sheldan Nidle 4/19/09 Galactic Viewpoint


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We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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