Pre-First Contact Information of Very High Velocity Light

The Silent Evolution, Liberation of the Soul



Rascal Flatts- too good is true





Love from the “Galactic Federation of Light”, “The Kingdom/Company of Heaven”, From Galactic Central, We are Your Family of Light! The “Ground Crew Medical Team, for First Contact”. The Doctors are in and Have diagnosed the problem on Planet Earth= Heart, and WE are Here to ReHeart you of THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! Also, Present in the Physical Manifest with you, is Mother and Father God, Yes, It’s Us, Your Real Parents of Creation. Thank you for Celebrating WE are Here with You! We Love you Unconditionally, and WE are Celebrating Your Graduation and Awakening into the Love you Truly are.


Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, and Magical Synchronostic Events! WE are here again in some very Fascinating, High Velocity Energies moving so fast the mind cannot even comprehend. The awakened beings will be able to FEEL these moving through them with so Much Joy! This is our Experience today with These Most Magical Energies, with Overflowing Moments of Pure Joy!! Love is Everywhere Present, can you feel this? We sure are!! Enjoy, yet another Gift WE are Sending You, Love, Pure Love! Breathe it in!! Feel the Magic within you. Today we are going to discuss Some Very Simple Universal Understandings, Through these understandings of Universal Love will Be Humanity’s Total Freedom. Love is not complicated, however, it is Complex and We are sharing these Complex Understandings with you to share our Multi-Dimensionality experience. This is Evolution, your old “identities” are growing Up, and transforming into Truth, or Super Consciousness, Full Consciousness, and what is connecting is the unconsciousness, to the Universal Consciousness. Where Love is Everywhere Present! Thus every experience you have is One of Grander and Grander Love, for this is Creation! Because you Connect into the ALL, which is Everything, Source, Love! The Love You are Equal to Everyone and Everything else.

So Let’s Move into the Definitions for today!!


Inertia- Resistance to motion, action or change. Example- Those remaining in ignorance, will experience inertia, which is like walking in mud. The reason is because they are attempting to resist Love energy, and get pulled down by not connecting in.


Duty- An act, course of action, a Moral obligation. Example- As your Family of Light, our Duty and Responsibility to Humanity is to Provide True Information, So that You can awaken from out of the Dream of isolation and Separation, and Rejoin your Family of Light.


Responsive- Answering or replying, responding, Readily responding to Love and Truth. Example- Love ALWAYS Responds, and is Responsive to the True Information being Presented to them.


Utopia- A place you will find inside yourself. A society of perfection. A Society of Equality, Total Freedom, Excellent, Benefits the All Equally and Abundantly. Example- The Heavenly Government, is Utopian Like, for it Serves the ALL, For the Greater Good of the ALL. Equally and Abundantly for ALL, ALL are Kings and Queens!


Resistance-Any force that tends to oppose or retard/stop motion. A process in which the ego, that is the mask covering the Real Being, attempts to resist the acceptance that it does not exist. Example- If you Resist the Pure, Love, Creational Energy, which is always moving forward, you are stopping the evolutionary process. This effect will be a build up and just as what you resists persists, what you look at disappears.


Jubilance- Exulting, Joyful, Expressing JOY! Example- Being the Love you Truly are is an Experience of Jubilence and Pure BLISS!


Inevitable- Incapable of being avoided or Prevented. Example- Your Awakening, The Galactic Federation Ships Decloaking, and All Lights Turned on, is an INEVITABLE EVENT! YOUR FREEDOM IS INEVITABLE!


Unlimited- Having No Limits, Boundaries, Rules, Regulations, or Qualifications. Example- True Unconditional Love is Unlimited, this is the Gift of Love We Give to you. All Possibilities Occur in Love in an unlimited ways, In Grander and Grander ways, ALWAYS!


We Love Your Brilliance, and You Are Everything. Our Choice is to Love and Embrace Your Brilliance, because this is The Truth of Who You are, BRILLIANCE, LIGHT, TRUTH, LOVE, AND ONE WITH EVERYTHING!! TO US, THERE IS NO QUESTIONING THIS TRUTH. True Reality has planted itself into this Planet, and is Now Blossoming. Love is EveryWhere Present, because it is the TRUTH, and the Only Real Truth that exists Everywhere.


When a Planet Awakens into the Universal Understanding of Everyone on the Planet Being Present All at Once, this is when True Freedom Occurs on the entire Planet. This is when everyone Accepts the Truth, that We are All Equal, Each With Unique Grandness that contributes to the Whole. This is when you embrace and accept your Divine Role into the Awakening of Planet Earth=Heart, as Decreed, and So it IS, On Earth as it is, in the Real Heaven, an Experience of Love Everywhere Present. Heaven on Earth, Decreed.


Now, some of you are still, or about, or already through what we call the void. The void is the bridge between your unconsciousness= your mind, to your Consciousness= Your Brain= Heart Divine Intelligence. It is the separation between the unconsciousness, to the Universal Consciousness of All that is, Love Everywhere Present, True Reality!


You must walk through the void to get to Full Consciousness. This is why we say the only way out is through. Some of you walked into the void and stayed there. You had a belief that that was all that there was, which is quite the opposite of what’s True. Creation is always more, this is an indicator of True Reality Experiences. Always Grander When you connect the unconsciousness to Universal Consciousness [which was disconnected by your controllers, so that you could be enslaved], you then Become Super Consciousness. Father God, and I with All of your Family of Light, are in Super Consciousness, this Means “ALL LIGHTS ARE ON, WE ARE COMPLETELY CONNECTED INTO ALL THAT LOVE IS EVERYWHERE PRESENT.”




You are Love, Free, Unlimited, Edgeless, no boundaries, no restrictions, no rules. In Truth, You are Love Expressed Always in the Highest Form, this is Being Super Consciousness. This is the “Silent Evolution” unfolding within each being on this Planet. We successfully planted the seeds within your unconsciousness through the Seeds Of Christ that were Planted in December of 07′, that is Now “Growing Up” and Becoming Consciousness, Just Like a Rose.


The Rose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7vsIL3s6MY


This Song is the Love Song to you Our Children in Creation. Unconsciousness is just that part of YOURSELF, that is in denial, of the Truth and Love of the Real Self, because in Truth, the the Real Being is Just Love and Truth=JOY=Love= Unconditional= Freedom= Love Everywhere Present.


Love gives US Brilliance to Share with you, WE Share this Brilliance with You, The Real Truth of the Love you Truly are, Love Everywhere Present. Every atom that you are is always in Creation Creating Grander and Grander Experiences. When you are Present in the Moment of Now, You are Automatically Connected into Everything, and You Remember, the Love you are, Equal to Everything else.


Humanity’s Awakening is an Inevitable event. There is no void, avoidance, in INEVITABLE. Some of you may kick and scream, but your Awakening is an Inevitable Event, and means it will Occur No Matter What! We of the Celestial find this Very Hilarious, when you run from US…, why would one, run from Love Everywhere Present, That is SO Funny to US…Love =JOY= Euphoric Feelings….why run from that experience?…LOL…and We have a New One for all Awakened Beings, POL, Pass out Laughing, this is Jubilence, Metaphorically that is…Why not enjoy the ride back into the Light, Love and Truth, then run from it, it tickles!!


WE do understand what your controllers taught you and ingrained in you that too good to be true was not true. This was a lie they told you to keep you unworthy of the Very Love that you Truly are, within you. Again, What we Are Sharing with you is what Love shares With Us Directly! Are You in JOY YET? Please share with US, your JOY! Our Love is Equal to you, and Your Love!


Now, A Special Message to All Real Lightworkers, All Real Awakened Royal Angels, and ALL those of you Still in Process of Awakening, We Applaud, Congratulate, and Say Bravo, for Having the Courage to Shine Your Lights, Be In Love, Be In Truth! You have Brilliant Shining Lights that are Lighting Up the Planet, Shining across the Planet…We See you and WE are walking With you, Heart to Heart, Back into the Light. Wow, You are Filling yourselves with Love and it is Overflowing into Creation for the Grandest Experience. Which is always Grander in Each Moment of Now, and It is ALWAYS NOW! What you are accomplishing is assisting in the grounding of the Love, Light, and Truth energy into the Planet. This is dissolving the darkness until the darkness does not exist, SHINE YOUR LIGHTS! We have shared with you that when you open up the door to a darkened room, the Light shines in, and there is no more darkness. As you Shine your Light More and More Everyday, True Reality will become More and More Clear. You will begin Seeing, Feeling, and Experiencing what you have never deemed possible before. You will, with Childlike Wonder, ask yourself why you never saw that before. It was there all along, but you were in a program or fantasy that kept you held back from Reality, which is Love Everywhere Present. You will Feel better and Better each day. You will Feel more Joy, More Happiness, You will Breathe in Aliveness, and Life. This is True Reality, through this experience you will begin drawing yourself, Higher Self, Closer to the One, which is ALL of US.


Each one of you will Experience, your Own Unique Experience, as You Awaken into the Love that you are, Connected into the ALL, also called ONENESS. In Oneness You participate in your Life and Life is Love Everywhere Present, a Participation Sport, Everyone contributing Equally, for the Greater Good of the ALL. All Supporting Love, in which Love always become Grander=Brilliance=Divine Intelligence. Where the total is Greater then the Sum of All Parts. When you Awaken, you will See How Brilliant you Truly are. This is because when You Realize/Remember, You are Love, Then You Allow Creation to Become You! Creation Flows always Expanding, Growing…To more Grandness!


Some of you ask for “proof” that it is indeed US, Mother and Father God, The Real Parents of Creation, as if making this statement alone is not proof of our existence. Big Shoes to Fill, Correct? Once you Accept, Embrace the Love you are, You will need no proof that We are who We are, it is Automatic! Prove to yourself, you are Love, and you will never question US again. Because you will reconnect to Source, Love Unconditional!


Passion once raised up into the Heart, then becomes Compassion. Unconditional Compassion is Attainment of the Highest Expression Possible of the Real Human Heart. This Means the Human Heart, is completely Awakened. An Awakened Heart is Being Present, Which is the same as Love Being Everywhere Present, with the Being of accepting this Truth, and then experiencing this, through every Moment of NOW!


Events- AS Decreed, Love is Everywhere Present, Period!! Heaven On Earth! Joy! For all Awakened Beings!


We Love You!! Love Mother~Father God Amon Ra, and Your First Contact Ground Crew Team





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We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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