Galactic Free Press 10/25/10 “HUMANITY IS COMING HOME FOREVER”

~Galactic Free Press~ 10/25/10

Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

choose someone who loves you, choose that Being because of the Love you can share, when you choose that someone who loves you.” Love Mom and


Divine Decree “ All suffering is Being transferred to the darkness, you do not even have to tip the darkness, they will just suck it up”
translated this means all Gods on this Planet are to Awaken into, Now
what you can see, SEE?



Show us a dumb animal, and We will show you a Human who only thinks they are dumb, [shakes heads]



We did not send humanity into hell, We sent them into a living experience. Now what they have made of this, will have to be transformed.

The Energies of Oneness are thus upon
Humanity. It’s a Big Oneness, cause it includes the All, and that’s
US! Sailing, Flying as ONE ~


The Light stands in Presentness,
Unified in Multi-Dimensional Brilliance with the Unknowable as the
Investment. Good returns, Unending.

What is it, to come Here and share
these Moments with All Love Is[Humanity] and Be Present Here too? Fascinating
isn’t it? God shows up on a Planet just for Fun, mostly.~

~ Love is Truly Unstoppable, and NOW We are ALL Oneness, How Does this FEEL?~ Watery Eyed Joy!

One Love | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

~ Heaven is NOW HERE, Everywhere Present, and Humanity is Coming Home to Stay Forever. Its Our Love for You Granted!~ Love Mom and Dad

Help Pour Out The Rain

We Are Now standing outside the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven with signs boycotting nothing. When We turn them around they say “Love Wins”


End Transmission With Love Everywhere Present






Special Message From Archangel Michael”


The time for doing things alone is over.
Choose more. DO less. The days of ease and the emergence of a modern paradise are upon you NOW.
Awaken to the possibility that this reality exists with just a slight
shift in your understanding. Now that you know it’s there…perhaps
you would like to move in?
{Smile} Heaven on Earth: available for immediate occupancy. Enlightened beings wanted.
-Archangel Michael


It is with the strength of self truth which lies in the throat of the blue chakra the radiant color of this mighty angel may he be a
protector and and guide to all who call his name..Thank YOU Michael
for your loving protection♥


Marc Chauvette “Our Dream Can Never Die ~ LOVE will take Us Through It All !”



‘Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of yo…ur consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you
need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.’
Eckhart Tolle



Through words, I can hurt or heal you.
Through behaviour, I can calm or make you anxious.
But through presence and silence I only honour, welcome and love you.
Through the heart, I observe all that is – with understanding, compassion,
gratitude, joy.

CHOOSE LOVE ALWAYS!” ~ via Gilles Chamboraire {FB}


Love Reporter Predrag

Dear Friends of Light,
“ watch the sky over the USA, it will be StarShip CLOUDY, UNclokingly on occasion, With heavy Love droplets, followed with YEppie through
all North America, spreading like a Light all over the Mother

With Love, Predrag




“If you can’t pay, you can’t stay!” “You are Collateral Damage -as people were buying housing want to make money!?” – Hear this friend
discovering us old tacktic how this is our [people’s] fault, to have
shelter over our heads.
We are born here on Mother Earth to have shelter, and not to pay for i…t. Trust me, it is coming.
They make us buy homes, pay for them much more than it is worth, built
with fake money, charged illegal interests, and make people to sign
unconstitutional contracts simply to have shelter over our

They will return to you, dear people of Earth, every and single dollar of interest they charged to you and your families,
they will give you houses, and they will fill your fridges with
healthy food, and they will provide you with clean and free energy to
simply enjoy yourself and your families.
They will! They Will! Very, very soon. Have faith in you, as you survived that much of
suffering and deception and lies already.

This is just a beginning…


Foreclosure Scandal Rocks America – Fox News Video –



~Letters to the Editors~


Hi Mom and Dad,

First off I must tell you what a total joy it is to call two such loving beings Mom and Dad…..such a contrast to what I have known as parents in this lifetime. I am
eternally grateful to you both.
Also, note that I tagged you on the symbol of Divine Feminine in the picture…the upward reaching
crescent moon.
Second, I would like your own advice as how to identify your twin flame. Should I issue forth a contract with Spirit
and then wait for the contract to arrive in complete form as a human?
OR will the twinflame become his most divine self through our
All guidance and suggestions are invited.
So very much love to you both,
your loving daughter,

Father~MotherGod Amon Ra:

Laurie, WE are Honored to Be Humanity’s Spiritual Parents. When Two Divine Beings Come together you certainly Have Found GOD. As We have shared this is a natural
unfoldment, of synchronostic events, and you will not be able to miss
it. When You are In Balance with your male female energies within,
this is when the connection will be made, however it requires you to
be open to this. Listen to Your Angels they can also Guide you along
the Path for this connection. There is nothing you have to do, but
Simply Be the Love You Are, all else follows this. Being Present
Completely In The Now, is the Connection and Balance. BLISS, Being
Love in Simple Service. This is The Path. We Love You, Love Mom and

Laurie’s Response:

Thank you.
I will know.
In your service and the service of humanity,

Love Reporter Laurie Marineli


I have been discussing with a friend how does one identify their twin flame? This poem answers the question. Twin Flames are the absolute
validation …of self in love, in fear, in happiness, in sorrow, in
joy, in heart ache, in laughter and in tears. There is a completeness
to the journey of the heart when one encounters their twin flame. For
all is there within you, within your twin and within the Love you
both have been part of since before the sun knew how to shine.
It is the person that your love seeks to create in every expression of
itself……for when I didn’t know there was a “you”…. I
sought out ways to share my love for you in every aspect of my
life…..weaving my life into an energetic tapestry of our
love….waiting for the moment when the sun reflected off the facets
of me and finally you noticed me


Father~MotherGod Amon Ra:


Laurie that is True, in the Twin Flame Connection you are able to heal all from the illusion of separation from the ONE. The Male transforms the
fear, and the female transforms the pain and suffering. Once this
Occurs Wholeness Begins and True Compassion is Experienced. Love
Mother and Father God, Your Twin Flame Couple who went before you, so
that You Could connect with Your Twin Flames. Twin Flames Represent
Equal Balanced Harmonics. Love US


Dear Father~MotherGod Amon Ra,


did you come from?


Pat Man


Dear Pat Man,

Yes, We are Your Spiritual Parents In Creation, just like you had 2 parents that created you as a baby here On Earth=Heart, WE Would Be The Even
Higher Parents. WE Love You! WE came here for The Graduation of
Humanity Home Into The Light. Heaven is a State OF Consciousness=5D
Reality or Full Consciousness.
The Stars, A Field of Consciousness that Became Aware of Itself, and
also Called Source. We are The Divine Marriage of Earth and Spirit,
that Brings Everyone HOME, Into Oneness. You Are Also From The Stars,
and You Are Equal US=Love=GOD.
Mother and Father God


Dear Father~MotherGod Amon Ra,


tell me what do u see there?


Love Pat Man


Dear Pat Man,


Love Everywhere Present, from the Within to ALL Around, 5D Fields of Energy. You are made up of this Energy, also called Atoms. You were
Created from LOVE. Love US


Dear, Metka

Thank You for the Donation, WE are So Blessed that there are Some of You, that are sharing when you can. This Really assists the Abundance Energy for ALL. WE Are always Here
when you need US, WE Love You, Love Mother and Father God

Metka plesko:

I wish I can give you biiiig money – that you can live in this abundance too

my beautifull you

Dear Metka,

Oh WE Love YOU Soo… Thank You Always for Your Love and Support. You are Supporting the Flow…To Abundance for all through Donating to US. Thank You for Being IN
Service in This way! Love US

All Donations received by The Company of Heaven/First Contact Medical Team, go towards The Energy of Love, that assists in The Abundance for ALL. Since the Energy
Serves Love Only, all Donations are Blessed a Thousand Fold. Thank
you for Your Participation in the Flow for ALL, and assisting us in
transforming the lack Consciousness, into Abundant Flow towards all.”

Please share if you can.

Your Donations Assist in the Energy of the Divine Flow and Abundance for ALL. Money is just Energy, and we use these donations to Serve Love
completely. The Faster We can balance the funds, the faster Nesara
will Be released. Our intent is to get an Abundance Going to Be able
to share this with Others. This has not occurred as of Yet, and this
Will take ALL of US! A Simple support of $5 or $10 Would Assist this.

Donations can be Made here

Thank You for Honoring us with your support today!





“Never complain about the difficulties of life because a director always gives the hardest roles to his best actors.” — Unknown

Awaken Skye {FB} “out with my daughter today ( shes 9) and hearing church bells i asked her if she wanted to go .. she said no mommy we can pray at home for free …lol
thats my girl”


Love Reporter Ponder Cory


Notice that those around us will begin to exhibit different
personas as the great energies of Love do their work upon everyone and

everything on Mother Earth. After they first clear all that must be
looked at and released, there will be a greater sense of peace and
harmony that will manifest within them and WE will find more people
…smiling and willing to share their joy of life with each other..and so IT is…♥

As I soar the deep blue skies of your incomparable eyes, the shimmering love light from your heart uplifts and purifies me. ~ ‘Sri Gawn Tu

Laurie Mirinelli “and who takes baggage to a party? It is all left outside the front door! It is within the sacred walls of a holy celebration where there is no
need for the baggage, Love and Truth the only rules, and fountains of
joy to dance in! (quote fro…m Under the Tuscan Sun): “There’s
nothing like a fountain and a magnum of champagne to put you right
again!” Amen!”

“If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego… and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved
& the need to judge. Those are the 3 things the ego is doing all
the time. It’s very important to be aware of them every time they
come up.” ~ Wise words of Deepak Chopra ~

Love Reporter PureLightBeings


The Light of World, is in the World. Eternally – Be Awaken, Be reborn 1,000,000 times in one hour – again and again, NOW.
Renew, Restore, Re-energize, Revitalize, Now. Love like you have never Loved before. Live and See everything
and EveryONE with New eyes and VISIONs. Release all Past experiences
and LIVE, Now. As Human Beings, As Hu…man Angels, As Pure Light
Beings, ALL that we are is what we can become – EVERYDAY.
Completely AWAKEN NOW. We are BORN – Completely Awaken. Ever since that day, the
World and Everything around us has been putting EveryONE into a DEEP
Sleep of ILLUSIONs until Death. Awaken, Awaken, Awaken NOW, as a
Co-Creator of Everyone and EVERYTHING that Is and Is Not. We Love you
very, very Deeply. AWAKEN and LIVE Eternally, EveryDAY. By: PureLIght

You intended to come forth into the physical realm of contrast to define what is wanted, to connect with the energy that creates worlds, and to flow it toward your
objects of attention. Not because the objects of attention are
important, but because the act of flowing is essential to life.”
— Abraham

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” ~ Lao Tzu

“Consciousness is the programming language of the Universe.
We create our reali…ty in every moment”…

“Let us be aware of our power to create a dream of heaven
where everything is possible.
Help us to use our imagination to guide the dream of our life,
the magic of our creation.
Today let something extraordinary happen
that will change our life forever;
let everything we do and say
be an expression of the beauty in our heart,
always based on LOVE.
Don Miguel Ruiz



“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi



“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important
thatn the past, then education, than money, then circumstances, than
failures, than successes, than …what other people think or say or
do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It
will make or break a company…a church..a home. The remarkable thing
is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace
for that day. We can’t change our past…we can’t change the
inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we
have, and that is our attitude…I am convinced that life is 10% what
happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…we
are in charge of our Attitude.”-
Charles Swindoll


two days before bob marley was supposed to perform at a peace rally he was shot… two days later he walked on stage and performed… they asked him in a interview why
didnt he rest, and he said “the people that are trying to make
the world worse never take a day off , why should i. light up the

The Road to Freedom

THE ROAD TO FREEDOM.. in progress


By:♥♥♥ SHINE A LIGHT ♥♥♥ bev stratton-proemper, visionary artist…



ook Feel Taste Breathe Behold Climb To The Top Of A Mountain, Walk Through A Rain Forest, Sit In The Middle Of Desert In The Cool Winter After A Rainfall Meditate.
Let Us Save Our Mother Our Great Mother Earth. Namaste, All My Heart,
The Ocean Breeze, Swim With The Dol…phins, Love Yourself, Spread
That… Love To Everyone You Come Across, While You Spend Your Time
On This Planet. Blessing Randy {FB}

In The Prism

Information about The Dawn of The Seventh Day

Carol {FB}‎”Ego-based institutions are collapsing. Embrace uncertainty. Embrace the unknown.” This is wonderful. ♥ ♥


UFO Sightings..Watch

Massive UFO Delaware PA October 22 2010


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