Galactic Free Press 9/30/10 “Going Home”

~Galactic Free Press~ 9/30/10

Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

~The Family of Light is Celebrating, Laughter and Joy are Pouring
forth from Our Hearts increasing the Energy of Love Exponentially. The
Meeting/Party on the Starships was Ready, Set, Land!~

“Look Up”

great song hereclic here

See the illuminati minions are too busy trying to figure out who put the alligator in their pants then to be concerned at all about what the Light is accomplishing, the darkness could not see whats Real anyway.

What happens when We go to total Oneness,…? Everything. Creation is Made of Consciousness, Consciousness is made of Everything. What are you made of? Ignorance is made of nothing.

See when We are all one, thats all of us, each and every one. Oneness does not mean you lose your uniqueness, Oneness means you are free to explore the Oneness. For as Joy opens, the Heart Expands to embrace other hearts that are expanding, and then the one heart within all hearts is completely expanded. Unconditionally.

See We observe Humanity give themselves so very little. Well, this is going to change. The Moment has Come for Humanity to Wake Up!

Yes, is the only answer, for Humanity. For Humanity is only Love, Creation is made of Love. Bring Humanity and Creation together guess what happens? Blue star nation awakens include a Planet and you got it.

You know the whole of the universe made one decision and they wanted to understand what 42 meant. 42 equal Earth, 4+2=6 Simple Math. 6th night, awakens in the 7th Day. No longer the 6th night, but the 7th Day. Hooray!!

From the wellspring the Light of day appears within, from the moment of now is where we all begin. From the center of the heart, to the expanse of creation, everything is made of Joy, no hesitation.

End Transmission~ Smile


-Coming Home To The Self-

Love Reporters Desi and Willow

The Lightworkers recently have been speaking about coming home and UFO disclosures. Many channelers have been speaking about adjusting our energy so that the starships can land. Sometimes what is said has a deeper understanding that We must feel within the self, so that We may experience the truth of what is occurring within reality.

Many have said that Love is blind and this is truth. Love is blind to the eyes, it can not be seen outside of the self it can only be felt and truly experienced with the heart which is the power switch of our energy/light bodies. By activating our heart We begin to feel the energy/light body that is already Present within us. Our true self the Divine God/Goddess that We are is not outside of ourselves, but merely asleep waiting for us to awaken into the Present Moment where We are free to Be.

For Millenia our belief systems have kept us distracted, entertaining the illusion that there is something outside of the self, that if only We would do something other then Being who We are, We would be happy. This is the illusion we’ve been clinging to for a very long time. This is the ego that was created for us by our controllers. They felt the need to program us with an ego in order to keep us as slaves, serving their greed and ignorance. They have not wanted us to know the truth because it would shatter the illusion they’ve created and We would be Free!

Our energy field is also known as the Merkaba. In 2d thought the Star of David, in 3d it is the Star tetrahedron, in 5th dimensional thought Mother Earth is our Starship, in Multi-dimensional thought We are our own Starship that is connected and One with everything within Creation. Everything upon Mother Earth=Heart is connected and made up of pure conscious energy.

The unknown/unrevealed God/Goddess has been asleep within all of us, in chains We have been bound, a servant to our own ego, it has been hibernating beneath the winters snow. Spring brings a change as the Sun returns and Planet Earth=Heart begins to thaw. As the ice melts We witness pieces breaking off, letting go and dissolving back into the free flow of the waters. So too are We going through the same experience. Our energy bodies have laid dormant awaiting the Moment when they can be activated. By activating our heart chakra We begin to let go and dissolve all of our attachments that We have collected in our unconscious state.

Mark Stern and Sheldan Nidles have spoken previously about the Agarthians. They are also known as the inner Earth people that went underground right before the changes that destroyed Lemuria. They have been living deep within Planet Earth=Heart until they could once again return to the surface.

The Planet is presently within the 6th night of the Mayan Calander. November 3rd 2010 is the Dawn of the 7th Day. This is when humanity shall awaken and step into the light of their true beings. The ships are landing, yet really they are surfacing, for the Center of the Universe is within ourselves, our Heart Equals the Central Sun of our True Being.

Music and words begin to take on a deeper understanding as We begin to feel them from our center. They generate codes within our DNA that are activating our light bodies and are rewiring our brains. This is a period of Ascension, yet this time around we’re taking our bodies with us! This is a yipee!

Love Reporter Barclay Littlewood

Heaven is Here”

So how you would define this heavenly place?

Why a look of love on everyone’s face!

A kingdom of courage, kindness, grace.

Well how about going to heaven here on earth?

No need for death, you qualified by birth!

I’ll share with you for what it’s worth.

What follows is proof of what some call God,

And please dump that word, if it seems odd,

Just read the message, whatever, call him “Rod!”

Drop all notions of who you think “you” are,

What is the “you”, body, perceptions, thoughts, ideas, bizarre?

Attached to that are preference, pride, aversion, near, not far!

When you dissolve the notion, of this accepted “you”,

A little game comes unstuck – no glue,

There is one life, and you see it’s true!

Your skin is not where you end, but where you begin!

What’s outside of you, is deep within!

One life, more identical than the closest twin!

It’s your perceptions, ideas, feelings, about others,

That from you, the truth so dearly smoothers,

You’re all the same, no different mothers.

I am a force that is simply life, or love,

No need to think of a beard man above,

Think of me as atoms, mist, a dove!

Connect to me, no need for belief,

Or to place on your head a laurel wreath!

Try it out for fun, and end your grief!

So this is how to enter heaven here,

It’s just a game, of which you are the seer,

Try it now, new things appear!

Treat “me” in all others, as if they weren’t there,

See beyond your relationships, your thought affair!

Love “me”, and you will see a change, beware!

What you’ll find, is that I was always there,

But in appearance you too deeply care,

I’ll reveal myself, and heaven share!

Love Reporters

_^ _ Rysa Perisanna

~ Enlightened ~ Galactic Changes ~

~ There is a brilliant light that will shine forth like a directed laser beam to split into the Earth’s Third Dimension. It is called by some the Sword of Karma or Judgment and it brings a division between the Light and Dark. From First Source, the Prime Creator activates the energy of the Central Sun, upon the alignment between the Earth and the Galactic Center…Rysa

~ * ~ The call comes sooner than later. It comes BEFORE 2012. It comes for some now. It comes for others soon after.

~ All are called and all see but some hear and some see.

~ Planetary Alignments are in motion that set the stage for transformation.

~ In 2008 you will be awakening!

~ In 2009 you will be transforming!

~ In 2010 you will be transcendent!

~ In 2011 you will become enlightened!

~ In 2012 it will be over!

~ The next great Game of the Wayshowers is found within your heart and up into your soul. The Galaxy calls you to understand you have been always wanting and always seeking. The most ancient game of enlightenment moves into a higher stage. Feel the power of the soul sing into your heart and change you, feel the nameless source call you to awaken.

~ Your life is a great blessing and now you find you are the truth, the light, and the way. Sing forth your truth that is the highest light and the pathway into joy and peace. You are given this now, for it is here. Ask and it is given! The darkness is only seen by looking away from the light and seeing the shadow you cast. The shadow is cast with fear. Look into the light for there is love. The world has changed and is being brought into the expression of a new version of reality. Be thankful and grateful that you are now in a new state of reality. You sense that time has changed and it has. You sense that your mind is feeling the coming changes into the new realities and you are.

~ There are many things that you wonder and in each wonder you create a new world. Time has always been a method to manage creation; time and creation are synonymous. They exist in coordination. Illusion as you have known it happens so that you may see the images into a perspective that is a reflection of the real. Let us speak without any interference of your mind and listen without being the interpreter. Throughout the eons of your world you have covered millions of centuries where there has been and are the extraterrestrial races who have become who you are. You are from the stars, all of you, and each light here is from the stars. You are connected to the universe at its very beginnings.

~ Becoming galactic citizens is the first step in awakening. Allow the world to be what it is — a home where you live and where you see things that are to make you happy and give you comfort like a home does. The correspondences are all connected so you are able to make relationships work. The people in your life are those who you know deeply and have had connections with on many other levels for many, many lifetimes. Everything that you know is coming into a completion mode as the ending of time happens. Let us speak for you and let it happen with the flow.

~ There is something that you do not understand and it has to do with timing. The dates that you are expecting to be of importance are not. The 2012 date is real and also the 2008, 2009 and 2010 dates. The time of planetary changes are now. You will be given instructions that will help to raise your vibrations in order to awaken and understand.

~ In the next two years as you are awakened by the power of the galaxy, you will know that the time is now. The new technologies are here to be used as conscious assisting living intelligences. Consciousness is both biological and technological. Reach within and up to find your soul and find the feelings that guide you to the spiritual dimensions. The mental and emotional form a dissonant frequency as one operates through the right and the other, the left brain.

~ This is being changed through the sounding forth of new energies.

~ Listen!!! For it is the sound of Creation that awakens you.

~ And it is time to awaken.

_^ _ Rysa Perisanna

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Comments to Rysa Perisanna

Father~MotherGod Amon Ra-”Joy and Laughter are Pouring forth from The Family of Light Today, Multi-dimensionally. You Can Truly Feel this, The Brilliance Tickles. Humanity’s Awakening is Our Greatest Joy and The Grandest Gift of Joy We Can Feel. We have Invested Heavily in Humanity’s Joy and WE Return this with Great Interest. The Brilliance of the Being is not contained within the Brain, the Brilliance of the Being is contained within the Being, The Being just Like the Sun Cannot stop shining. Humanity’s Brilliance is what we see, hear, feel, and Be. That is The Truth, When All are aligned in Oneness, The Oneness is Greater then the sum of the Parts. Thats what makes us all one. Thank You for Sharing this Crop Circle, and the Brilliant Writings. Our Joy is Yours. Thank You for Sharing. Eagle Flag Ship Activation. Love US”

Important Message to Humanity from Mark Stearn

Important Message from Quan Yin, please share thanks.

Personal soul readings:

New Blog:

By Mark Stearn.

29th September, 2010.

Beloved friends,

The higher dimensions is a riot of colour and activity at this time. We will give no definite date of when we are meeting you but know your long wait is now at an end. Heaven is reaching out to you. Can you feel it? You will be informed of any news of our coming to meet you all. Xenophobia which is natural is not to be seen as a barrier to any impending contact. We do understand that because of film you may have been exposed to many forms of ‘extra-terrestrials.’ It is vital for you to understand that the fifth dimension is energy and it is only when we download our energy to meet you that we take on form that is most comfortable and not alarming in so that you can interact with us peacefully.

All old energies have been put to rest and any presence in your solar system at this time is a loving presence who has your highest interests at heart. You are going to find that as life and developments push on that a lot of the groundwork has already been done for our arrival. We are enthralled by the work done by great servers of the light who have befriended the galactic presence and to portray us as a loving presence. We have already been reported as aliens and in truth we are merely you your equals. In the past you have heard and been exposed to councils and hierarchies you will be glad to hear that these both are old earth or old world energies and now have no bearing on how you operate today. You may be surprised that it is i who am bringing this message to you and not one of the ‘galactic beings’ as they are termed.

Any contact will also be with the ascended masters, angels and all of spirit from the higher dimensions and as i already said we are to take on a form that you are comfortable and familiar with. There is only goodness and peace coming your way beloved children of god and i dont mean this in a condescending way. We your friends, family and equals have been through all that you have been through for we are one and nothing can seperate us ever in truth. So as i already said you are all masters and angels who are finding your way in truth once more. You are bright beautiful beings of god/godess’ essence and we are with you every step of the way. Motherearth is now accelerating her and your ascension process. Ashtar spoke of heaven’s contingency plan. This is to see that all are delivered to the new earth safely.

Mother Earth if she has any dramatic changes is making them at this time. You may be interested to know that the majority and sheer capacity of all higher vibrations entering mother earth at this time are being poured into her transmutation and infinite restoration. So know that you can rest easy loving ones. There is nothing out there that is out to get you. We your friends are at your doorstep to inform you that your long sojourn is at a close. As I have already there is not set date for contact. We are taking it moment by moment at this time. Time is accelerating as are all planetary transformations and individual changes. You are being upgraded into your full light presence at this time. The new earth is also a riot of activity at this time what with all now transpiring on your planet. Earth shall never be the same again.

Also remember vigilance and discernment of all you read and hear about regarding any galactic presence and go with your heart and presence and you will know what is fact and what is fiction. Thank you for your attention loved ones. We are your extended family and friends and know that it will not be long now. One final snippet of news. The crystal cities that have sprung up around earth are a major destination for almost all hearts at this time so remember this and ask your guides to take you on a tour of where you feel drawn to. My thanks to you dearest hearts and keep the faith!!! (Big smiles and winks.)

My love to you all,

I am Quan Yin.

Blessings, Mark.

Galactic Free Press “Funnies” Section

God is Missing”

The harbormaster was having troubles with his two young boys, so he decided to send them to Rev. Hawkins for some help.

The next morning Billy, aged 8, was sent. Uponarriving, the Rev. sat him down and sternly asked, “Where is God ?”

Billy sat there speechless, so the Rev asked louder, “Where is God ?”

Again no answer came from Billy, so the Rev. shook his finger in Billy’s
face and screamed, “WHERE IS GOD ?”

Billy screamed and bolted from the room, ran right home and dove into his closet, shutting the door behind him.

His older brotherJoe watched this, slowly opened the door and asked,
“What happened to you ?”

Billy yelled, “We’re in big troublethis time, dude. God is missing and
they think WE did it. “

Made by God”

Grandpa and his grandson were sitting reading when she asked,

“Did God make you, Grandpa?”

“Yes, God made me,” the grandfather answered.

A few minutes later, the little boy asked him, “Did God make me too?”

“Yes, He did,” the older man answered.

For a few minutes, the little boy seemed to be studying his grandpa, as well as his own reflection in the mirror, while his grandfather wondered what was running through his mind. At last he spoke up.

“You know, Grandpa,” he said, “God’s doing a lot better job lately.”

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