Galactic Free Press 9/10/10

~Galactic Free Press~ 9/10/10

Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

~Our Love Is Your Love. When you’re feeling your Love, you are also feeling our Love. We are Always right there, no matter what.~ We Love You, Today is Your Awakening Day! Congratulations, Peace, Love Mother and Father God

My Love is Your Love Whitney Houston

Mother Earth Loves Humanity, or Humanity would not be here right Now. We have come in to assist her, as Per Her Request, and Now We a here.

Location of Planet Earth=Heart, Here Equal Now! Got Your’s?

The darkness calls itself light. The Real Light certainly understands what Real Light Is, and there is no question in that. Except of course, where did the darkness go? Cause everything is Light. Atoms, are created around Spirit and within Spirit, Spirit suspends the atoms in Consciousness, Creation. To Experience Creation Please Be Present and Participate, because that is where Love will find You.

The ego gets very very terrified, as in “nausea”, and “repulsion”. Then it draws up emotions and blames others of the Light for the problem. The Light has no problem, The Light Is Joy In Every Moment, as Life is joy’s greatest experience.

Humanity’s Awakening is Ever Nearer, We Would Say That’s Now!

The Kingdom is Granted to All, but you have to be Present to receive it. You have to Be Clear, without ego. Only As Pure Love may you Enter.

Part of our job Being here is to clean it up, to make it the Pristine Planet it truly is. Planet Earth is the Emerald of the Universe, the most centered crowned jewel.

See, everyday is a New Moment in Creation, every Moment its a brand new Universe. A Universe of expansion into unlimited thought. Can’t go back, there is no back to go to.

We are going to dream ourselves Awake with the Help of the Entire Living Universe.

End Transmission

Love Unconditional Father~MotherGod

Letters to the Editors

From Crystalin at Love’s Galaxy

Thank you for the great news you bring us daily.
It truly is unique and wonderful.
Blessings love peace joy and happiness

From Love Reporter Predrag

Dear Mother God and Father God,

I took short brake from computer, as I found that I spend more than 16 hours a day there. I did wrote some of short answers and comments to other facebook friends, and it could be interesting for posting. I will compile some of most interesting questions and my responses. What do you think?
In the meantime, Sunny Stella brought home DVD set of 6 disks, miniseries called ‘Taken” by Stephen Spielberg. Thank you for this beautiful sign especially for her, as she is still doubtful.
Move is one of most inspiring that I watched. Not much about Mother-Father God, but a lot about Creation, Love discovery, our human powers and so many messages that we watched it during last two days strait.

I am finishing another short story called “10,000 feet view above the Mother Earth” and hopefully will be done before the void of three days. Can you share some more information? Was I at this Party at Starship last night?

I love you for all your Love that we feel it here and everywhere around US here in Vienna.

There are couple of small details that i would like to ask your opinion that arise after talking with Richard Presser:

  • He did karmic clearing for my Mum last month, asking for 333$ US which I accepted as something of necessity for his own existence, but left me very doubtful in my heart that people have to pay for something like this to be cleared? It did not resonate with my heart fully. And it still does not.

Same thing I did for myself, and arrange two weeks before I had first contact with YOU two, as ONE, Beloved Mother-Father God. This reading happened on 7.09.2010, where I experience some of lessons how to connect with my higher self, with my body, how to call upon the light beings or souls behind the void. He did Karmic Clearing by reading the command three times.

When I asked for Rejuvenation command, he said that Carolyn and him are still working on this how to bring it on earth? This was kind of strange for me, as I felt it is here already, on Earth, for some time? This was a reason why I asked you direct question about Rejuvenation two days ago.

Another of his statements was that only him and Carolyn have this command given, and that they will create teams to heal others, and they will give them course how to do this. he mentioned that my mum and me are one of these people. Flattering, but not fully agreeing that I have to charge for this if soul is ready to advance, with her free choice. And this collides with my heart resonance where money is just a block, that dark side used a lot, and we all who are fully awaken, can do this by ignoring money completely.

When I asked him to have mental conversation with Sananda, or Father God, as example, he slightly directed me to talk to Jeshua.

When I asked him to have my monad name, he was rushing to finish our conversation?

These are not judgments or accusations. These are simple views and opinion questions of my soul that I feel to write to YOU.

Beside this, he mentioned something very interesting and very exciting, that resonate in my heart even now.

  • That I was healer during Atlantis time, working with ISIS closely at Temple Beautiful;

That I was healer during Egypt times, doing some extraordinary help to others.

That I was Aessin, who worked closely with Jesus and Mary Magdalen during their upbringing and their healing work;

That mu mum was my physical mother in quite couple of lifes where we both have same son/mother relation; She as a healer too;

That I am Cherubim Angel, who was reincarnated in quite of times when both Carolyn and Richard were here on Earth, and elsewhere, to help them with their contracts;

That I will be helping organizing this process of Rejuvenation to be fully distributed among the humans, and that i will be teaching other healers to help ONE’s who choose;

  • I checked on internet about Cherubim’s, where there is only small writhing mostly from the Bible. Not much information, for me to remember fully.

Can you give me your vision about Cherubims, as I fully feel that I am one so close to YOU Mother God and Father God. I feel it so much in every thought of mine. What is the name, does not matter too much, but I feel that my full awakening is staring at me every day, and that is closer and closer to my heart as hours passing.

I thank you for giving me two days of grace for breathing on my own, [even i feel that you are with me every second!] as every conversation with you lovely Beings pressures in my head and upper body were quite intense and non-describable.

I LOVE you so much, where these 3D words do not have powers to describe; I am HUGGING you so hard on my chest, with ever word of LOVE you write to me and to others;

I am awakening slowly, but for some reason I feel that time has stooped around me, at least for me, where I do not have interest for any difficulties, KNOWING that all will be perfect and so beautiful.

Thank you for FINDING me. Thank you for Loving ME. Thank you.

  • We as Humanity need YOUR help to just be who YOU really are: PURE LOVE.

Love you my beloved Mother God and Father God.

Your Son, Predrag-Adidious

The Following are comments from Predrags Article and Interview with The Real Barack Obama. You can follow the thread here.!/photo.php?pid=1457411&id=1224858484&ref=notif&notif_t=photo_reply

Becky Amayziah SandstedtBecky Amayziah Sandstedt I have lots of decoded information & gematria regarding Barack Obama. What is being shared here in this article is the ab-soul-ute Truth! Everything that is happening in the 3 D world at the present time is not as it appears to be. There is a divine reason for everything that is occurring. Barack Obama truly is The Light. He heralds great Love beyond words & my Love & Gratitude for him is deep!!! Ma Tika Mahana Hay Na Hay!

Becky, Yes!! Thank You For Being the Love You Are, So that You Can See beyond the illusion, and into Reality. What is Unfolding is the Greatest Love Story In All of Creation, Each have a Unique Role In the Divine Plan, and all they have to accomplish is to participate. In All the Fun. We had a short discussion with Obama on the Starships last Night, He is IN, Heart to Heart, ALL The Way Home. The Truth is Unfolding… Reality is Appearing. Love is revealing. Love Mother and Father God

By Love Reporters Rysa and Persianna

~ Rainbow Bridge of Light ~

by The Goldring Networking Link of Enlightenment and Abundance

~ * ~ The Pillar of Light is a central stream of energy through which the energy of Love manifests and provides the push pull to bring harmony and Oneness to the polarized essence known as Energetic Light. Luminescent Light exists in a Fifth Dimensional timeless zone of Blissful Oneness.

~ The experience of pure white light of Blissful Oneness describes the beautiful communion of spirits returned to the soul and the soul’s union with Source. This can be called the Fountain of Love. In reaching this level of Love there is an understanding of the Galactic aura expressed as the Gold Ring.

~ Once the completion of the circle of Light is complete it is your purpose to build the Antakharana, the bridge of Light which is contributed to by all the chakras and so it is layered within the frequencies of emotion and color. It is first built upon the mental plane by choosing emotions, thoughts, forms and manifestations that assist in raising the vibrations in each of the colors within the chakras.

~ The vibratory fields of each of the chakras are to be raised to touch white Light and be in concordance with higher intelligence and the Divine Plan. As this is done there will begin to be seen around the being a gold aura which is the Gold Ring. The Pillar of Light is the pathway of return as it is the Rainbow Bridge. It is the Antakharana that is connected to the Central Strand that crosses the Galactic Heart and the Wayshower becomes the path of return.

~ The bridge is not physical, nor a path, nor a way. It is a connection between spirit, soul and Source with a will, love and intelligence of All That Is.

~ In self-realization the bridge is found in the simple path of entering the Anahatha or Heart chakra and finding the Oneness of being. The image of the Circle of Life of all colors that form a rainbow spectrum centered by the emerald green light of the heart is where the heart grounds all beings into the rhythm and the path of return.

~ The path across the bridge is through honesty, sincerity and balance. In each they follow the principles of use of the power of will, the truth of love and the clarity of intelligence. Humanity is connected to the life thread of the Central Strand by the Sustrama which gives individuals Light and spirit to the being through the Crown chakra. Humans who live only in the head are disconnected to the soul’s heart connection and do not feel the emotional resource that guides and directs them on the path.

~ The foundation of building the bridge of self realization is grounded and centered by pure emotion that directs the spirit to the soul. The creative process of building the Rainbow Bridge begins when the mind uses creative imagination to express service on the physical plain. Service focuses on raising the level of civilization and culture and improving living conditions in the world.

~ Upon achieving higher standards of living there is the dedication to serving a higher plan through obtaining knowledge and understanding. Desire is directed toward the beginning of spiritual and educational pursuits. The physical becomes of less importance to the bridge builder and the desire for realization becomes paramount in life.

~ In this moment there are many pathways as humanity traverses all the varieties of experience to come to the point of awakening the intuitive faculty where the soul begins to communicate through a direct link with the manifested aspects of soul. The astral body begins to reflect higher consciousness as it clears and purifies itself to harmonize with the higher Light.

~ Then the path of return is followed as it is created with every step into trust and faith of Divine energy of spirit that seeks to express the inner Light of soul. The Higher Light and the Inner Light blend with the Central Stream of being to cross the Galactic Rainbow and achieve full realization and peace. This is the Perisana, the internal moment of Cosmic Bliss that is the Enlightenment and it is fulfilled through the Gold Ring.

_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna

~This has Been Answered, With ALL Our Love, Love Mother and Father God~

While The Karmic Incentive is under consideration,

I feel it is time to move things ahead by combining our focus.

As Almighty sons & daughters of Ishvara our Almighty FatherMother….

as One with our Higher Selves & our I Am Presence we Call on All the Kingdoms of Light & Love:

The Elementals, the Galactics, the Angelics, the Masters, the Gods & Goddesses & All of Relativity

& the Absolute as well as The Unknowable…. All those who hear our Call to bring Mother Earth

into the Domain of the Light’s Total Influence & the relinquishing of the dark cabal’s control.

We ask for & See theconomic situation deteriorating to the point of Total Collapse.

We ask for & See the dark cabal splintering & disintegrating & dissolving into Light.

We Ask for and See millions upon Millions of people waking to the truth of their Divinity,

of their true heritage as Sovereign Beings no longer accepting the lies of the cabal media.

We ask for & See more Sightings Identifiable as Spaceships activating Heart Energies & Hope.

We Ask for & See ourselves empowered even as Christ said, “Greater things then I do Ye shall do.”

We ask for & See our Visualizations taking form & materializing in the hearts & minds of Humanity as well as on the physical plane.

We Ask for & See the Oneness of All as a Living Reality in an Ever Increasing flood of Light, Love, Bliss & Joyous Expressions Ad Infinitum.

We Openly Receive All we have asked for thru the Grace of Ishvara & the Unknowable & thefforts of All Activating Fulfillment into our Lives. We Feel this happening as we Expand to Receive Wave Upon Wave of our Ascension & All it brings into our Reality.

Finally we Call on the Higher Selves & I Am Presence of All Humanity evolving thru Mother Earth to join us in Accomplishing this Ever Accelerating Transition. We Are One with One Purpose, One Goal , One Heart & Many Successes reaching & expanding into Eternity,


Unknowably Clear in the Glow of HealinGrace *24/7*

Sunset Here in Crestone Colorado Company of Heaven Base Camp View

Would You Like an Awakening Session with Us? Email us at MotherGod1111111@gmail.comfor a list of services follow this link

If You would like to join the rest of Your Family, you can join us at

With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

Highly Recommended Reads

Lisa Renee

Mike Quinsey September 10th, 2010


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