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~Galactic Free Press~ 9/6/10

Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

The world is flat, and The Planet is round. 2Dimensional thought, that is flat. 3Dimensional thought, not as flat. You can take quantum leaps from there.

2d-thought=world, Multi-Dimensional Thought=Planet Earth. It’s Brilliant!

What We give to Humanity, is their Humanity. That is their God Nature, and they are missing it? Gosh, I better check in.

In Your Eyes, Ben Harper

Humanity has been enslaving themselves in an illusion. Now, they’re walking around denying that it is an illusion. We look at Humanity and wonder Why a Hu=God, Man=Manifestation, Being Present would do something like that. Present is the Key, in Aqui.

See, what happened on Planet Earth was a subtle attempt to rewire something that did not need rewiring… or maybe it just got short circuited. Everything done in this way was just on the surface, but to actually see the surface you have to go deeper, this is where Consciousness exists, that deeper. We Came here to give Humanity All They Are, and sometimes we have to scratch our heads and wonder why so many still do not get it… to Love it’s obvious. Right Now the Planet is pinging Humanity, through their Consciousness, to feel her and hear her. You have to go deep, and You will also find Us there, equally so.

Humanity needed a challenge of “most of all”, so We told Humanity their challenge was nothing. Figure that would Grow them Up Pretty Quick. Their challenge was nothing, their Awakening is Everything.

The Human Body Hologram is a Creational work of art, and the Planet’s Magic. We are rewiring it back into the Original design.

The only thing that humanity has done wrong is that they could not find nothing.

Humanity needs to lose their past so that they can prepare to have a living Present, it does require all their attention, and they are worth it!

The ego is always going to attempt to question reality, or completely avoid it at all costs. We have watched that, up close and personal. We call it running with heels and elbows flying.

Even though We have observed those running away from Love, We understand the Truth. It does not matter if they run how far they run, there is only The Truth, that The Inevitable Awakening is upon them.

In reality, if there is darkness, why would you create it? We did not create darkness. We cannot even say that darkness created darkness, because We have yet to see it. You can observe ignorance though, and We have seen quite a bit on this Planet.

End Transmission

Love Unconditional Father~MotherGod

Abraham Hicks Now, We are Free

~Letters to the Editors with a Response Letter from Us~

As an ordinary human, I find it strange that I am writing this letter.

You are ” Mother God”, so you claim., so I don’t know where your heads at.
On this planet, if you address anybody by that title, people write
you off as a nutcase. Sometimes I feel like, maybe they’re right.

I have no reason to doubt you except that, number one, I never even
considered such a being and number 2, how can I really know even if
you are?

It’s all very frustrating. I am almost twice your age and it all just
doesn’t make sense.

Yet, I resonate with what you do here and I am happy that its
happening! It’s all very strange, as I said.

My life at the moment is very stagnant. I am in the “I don’t know
what to do” zone, if you ever lived there.

I even hate to write this stuff, because it seems to violate the
positive thinking boundaries.

I am just an elated melancholy man. How’s that for a paradox?

I know things will get better, but the anxiety of the moment is difficult.

I know, I know, just live in the Now and it will be alright.

If only whatever misinterprets that in me would get it, it would be good.

Enough for now. Love you All
I know I lost the one I love because of my extreme views, regardless
if I ever spoke of them. It was just my actions and what I projected
that scared her. I am a very gentle man and never mean harm, but I
know I am very non conventional in my ways of relating to people.
Living in a world that considers public declaration of love as the
answer is no easy task. At least in my experience. Religion has been
a big factor in my life when I thought I was right.

Our Response:

Dearest Anonymous,

You are trying to figure things out with your left brain, and the left brain causes chaos, conflict, confusion, and makes everything complicated. You see we could care less if you “believe” who we are. It does not matter, because once you Really See You, We are An Automatic recognition. There are others who have already had this experience, you will just have to ask them about it yourself. The Ones that Know who they Truly are, Know Us as Well.

We Now wonder if you really have read our information, because We share the Truth, In its Most Simplest Form, and we share it freely and unconditionally. Your left brain tries to analyze the information, and it takes you a while to read the messages, cause your too busy being distracted by your left brain. Thus confusion sets in.

By writing to us, this is your True Being’s Call for Help, and We Honor that Completely. You have shown us your unconsciousness so that it can be healed, Bravo. In doing that, you also shared where many others are at on their journey’s so that we can help.

WE have been Sharing the Love and Truth for Years Now, Saying that We are here. WE have assisted in helping many through the illusion, and some turned and ran. We Are still here though, and We cannot Leave this Planet until Everyone is Awake, and remembers they a Just Love.

We have watched already another being choose their ego, over the Real Truth. They chose fantasy land, which is the illusion that is crumbling. We are not looking for followers, we are looking for co-creators in love, equally with Us. Just like Father God and I Co-Create the Newspaper, speaking for the Universe, The Planet, and Humanity. Our Truth is the Truth of Oneness, its obvious to us you have not got that yet and how would we know that?

The ego cannot love, its not love, it’s emptiness, its unconscious. The Being inside would like to wake Up, and So that’s Why we are Here. Thats a Yep and Its True.

We Love You Unconditionally, and We wait at the Gates of Heaven to Greet you as You Awaken. Love Mother and Father God

PS. There is no such thing as an ordinary being, there are a whole lot of Extra-Ordinary Humans and We Call Them Gods!! PPS. They [ the illuminati] took MotherGod out of the bible, conveniently and then decided to turn Father God into a tyrant, lol, instead of the Truth, Of ALL Loving!!


poem by AnaShyNa Love Reporter Predrag

Do you feel is there anything wrong with this question?

I BELIVE there is nothing wrong to this question. Only difference is in the answers you are going to give to your self.

If you have even a slight doubt that you can’t take this responsibility in your hands, this is giving you great answer who you really are. If you do not even dare to answer this question, you probably think about yourself following:

THAT you are not fully entitled to take this title of Godlikeness even for a couple of moments of your life;

THAT you rather give others your life to make any and all decisions “necessary” for You;

THAT you are not brave enough to start Loving Yourself, even for a short moment;

THAT your mind and emotions are actually not Yours at all;

THAT you are not imaginative enough to be able to solve any situation for all Humanity here on Earth;

THAT, maybe, you could bring some of the answers to the front, and write them down, but only as anonymous;

THAT your answers are not technically advanced or SPIRITUALLY sophisticated;

THAT all your “PRIVATE” thoughts should stay private, as others could ridicule you, starting from family to unknowns on internet;

THAT you do not want to be stripped of only private thing, your very private and secretive thought;

THAT even you share these thoughts, you will realize there are millions of souls, all over the internet with almost IDENTICAL THOUGHT, THOUGHT OF SOLUTION;

THAT even all members of your family have the same THOUGHT;

THAT all the people all over the WORLD have the same THOUGHT;

Than, suddenly it clicked within your HEART. Not your brain, but within your HEART. Some strange energy gave you a nudge and courage. You find your own-self sitting at the computer and start writing from within, directly from WITHIN your HEART:




but … wait … I already LOVE US ALL, UNCONDITIONALLY.


Here is Predrag’s [AnaShyNa] Bio:

I love you My Dear Mother God and Father God. I am so grateful for this opportunity to share.

Dear Friends of Light, Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This yellow ribbon is my constant reminder for cancer I diminished from my body [it was only me], and experienced that only by helping others to overcome fear of self doubt is only way to acknowledging that you are sole creator of any and all illnesses, is it from this life or from previous ones.

I had surgery to remove lymph node on my neck, which was only temporary solution, but later when this reappear on 6 different spots through this body, i took healing in my own hands, with faith in Father God, our Ultimate Creator.
Through Acupuncture, Chi Gong, Yoga, BioEnergy and Spiritual Healing with help of couple of very pure souls that showed up on my path [Fadi, Nenad, Fernanda, Miroslav, Dr. Way, Paul, Darko, Tito, Mia, Alex, Sunny Stella] I realized that I am creator of my own reality, so I made conscious choice to be healthy, by helping others, I was giving my self incredibly genuine love.
This will be all elaborated very soon, as these new Golden ages are at our doorstep, where we are introducing Karmic energies cleansing and Rejuvenation Commands starting in next couple of weeks.
I do not know how and how fast, but I know it is coming.

Perfect health and eternal Youth [depending what age your soul has choose to have when Ascension happened, you will be going back to your “Original” age after these two commands are issued.

For more details follow the links on my side bar, or go directly to this one.
Please, observe news about some very magical healings that will start simultaneously happening through the world, very strategically placed.
You will hear miracle of rejuvenation from 80 year olds to 34, or complete disappearance of MS symptoms over night, or Limbs start growing again, or Alzemhimer patients regaining full conciseness and giving you messages from other side of the veil, or beings who’s life was fully attached to the chair, start walking and running, again and again, or blinds start seeing and driving spaceships, or deaf start hearing and begin singing.

This beautifully planned Game of Life on Planet Earth, planed by your own soul, and by our Prime Creator, our Father/Mother God, millions of earthly years ago. Even before this planet has been created.

Where we will ….
We will experience return of Jeshua. The Radiant One.
We will experience conciseness shift from service to ourself, to service to others only.
We will experience FIRST CONTACT with our Brothers and Sisters from different Universes.
We will experience uplifting of Atlantis and its continent arising.
We will experience Aghartans, our mates from Inner Earth, in all their bluish beauty and hight.
We will experience Total Financial and ego Collapse of Darkies.
We will experience Total Debt Forgiveness for on and all. For All Governments and for each of us.
We will experience Prosperity Funds for one and all. Equally. Beautifully.
We will experience 6 Governments with one goal. To serve its people.
We will experience new technologies. But not so new, as Nikola TEsla gave this to us 100 years ago. We simply did not use them.
We will experience LOVE. Pure LOVE pouring from the SUN and STARS, pouring from Centre of COSMOS, from our PRIME CREATOR.

Read some of my following posts, which will give you a lot of details about preparation for Ascension.
Welcome to Galactic Human Beings, the unique ones who will carry our physical body in this new 5th Density and higher.
You will see us teaching these two commands to all others, who decide by their free will to have faith in their own choice.
You only need FREE CHOICE.

Please read my older posts, as they revealing a lot of my inner thoughts and feelings. Pay attention on message, not on messenger. As I am just here to bring message about this most beautiful gift from Prime Creator, message of LOVE.

With Love and Nothing more, ANASHYNA (The bringer of the word of source or the divine.) by SPIRIT’S words.


Very unorthodox writer, and Canadian Independent film & music maker, giving you a glimpse of our future as he feels it. His completely “imaginary” world is filled with common SuperHumans, strange Extraterrestrial species, Archangels, Light Beings, Faries, Telepathic Dolphins, Ascended Planets, Ascended Masters, Planets as fully consciousness beings, unlimited traveling, instant healing, Way-showers, Crystal Children, LightWorkers, Mother God and Father God as ONE …
His Scientific background only helped him to develop more Experiential Fiction and Love story lines, and less to be stuck in present boring theories that will be obsolete in very near future. Our humane view on time, space, energy, death, history, universe, extraterrestrials and GOD will be completely remodeled to much simpler understanding. Only Through Love. Unconditional Love.
If you need some more earthly writings I can provide you as well.

With Love, AnaShyNa

Love Reporter Marc Chauvette

The Rising Sun and The New Earth”

A map of the future is being proposed by the Children of the light. A New Earth vision is being shared. Many have risen to share the glory of the rising sun. Its an occasion to celebrate the return of the light. Honoring earths new day the return to prime creator and the beginning of conscious co-creation.

This is a time of greatness beckoning all humanity, at the very heart of every human Being. A time for celebration is at the forefront. The wisdom keepers of earth would like to congratulate each and every soul who has braved the waters for the rising sun and who took part in this noble journey.

Many are on the verge of an entirely new reality, a reality that was only seen as a utopian dream. The seeds where planted deeply within your soul and heart patiently waiting for you to give rise to your inner sun. This seed is now sprouting.

The Vision God has for humanity, shall be effortlessly nurtured from within.

The sun as often reminded us that we have all that is needed within,

We are the wayshowers and stewards of the birth of a new humanity , we say to you rise up! Be one within your community of light, draw on your hidden talents to put forth the gifts that God graced each of you with, for this very special time in history.

There has never been a time like this on Earth. A Path that each participant is selflessly embarking upon as bringing inner fear to the surface. Within the human consciousness something miraculous is happening. Behind the greater plan is a team of support guiding everyone to step into the realization of this journey. Pushing many of us to reach farther than we ever imagined possible, deep within our being to find the last thread of determination and will to see ourselves through.

We are the hope and the light of humanity, determined we have navigated through turmoil and reached the higher vision for all humanity, we have seen through the illusion.

Our inner strength and wisdom as renewed faith and hope for all humanity to make the coming transformation possible. Did you know that such willful resolve was possible?

It was only you who sometimes doubted and wondered if all efforts were in vain, You had all that is needed in you to become the master of light that you truly are.

A reality by which we have great co-creatorship with existence and creation merely by the realm of thought and emotion that you continuously ascertain. Now that you feet are more firmly planted here, this space will take some getting used to, yes indeed, and with it comes great responsibility for you now hold the key to obtain the truth in most every circumstance.

While many now see the truth before there very eyes, there is still an abiding responsibility of compassion and great restraint must be exercised to care for the vulnerable stage of every growing soul. We have to remember to assist another is to remember yourselves as the molting snake on the desert floor searching for your new covering. This period of great awakening is a time of extreme vulnerability for many . Great care must be practiced and with great compassion extended to those stepping on the path.

The light masters see a growing concern on the surface of the Earth, as the tides wash the very foundation of what you call the modern world. Which is in fact a barbaric and obsolete way of life that has created suffering for the majority of the earth’s population. All of your old and current leaders have falsely laid claim to power. Be astute, for these times will appear before you to be the end times, the great dismantling of a western-dominated materialistic society and will not be with graceful acceptance at first, Be firm. The thoughts that collect and emit from the mass consciousness will carry within great pockets of fear and turmoil. Allow all lower frequencies to wash over you and take charge of your creative powers, stay calm. Now is the time to institute your will for the highest good for every human and to merely allow the outworkings of a disabled society to fall around you, so a new structure can rise.

Your task now is to merely be in the space of joy and happiness and to give rise to the visions that are being placed deeply within your heart. As true co-creators of the divine, you have been working toward this moment for a very long time, more than you know. Do not attempt to fix what’s wrong, for truly, nothing is wrong. The silent revolution has completed its righteous task in service to the All, and now you are in tune with the beat of the creator’s heart.

Create you will! Creation is the name of this new game and you shall employ it well for each vision will be provided with a canvas, the tools and a brand new palette to create the reality that you dream of. Nothing will be impossible to paint on this new canvas and all who wish to participate shall too be given a brush.

Playful creation is the highest form, for true creation comes with great joy. Lift yourselves above the plunder and stay connected to the stream of abundance that flows so effortlessly in the higher realms. This can only be done through love. We are like proud parents anxiously awaiting your new lives with deep feelings for such profound accomplishments.

Soon you will know how powerful you really are. Rise up! Be one. Uncloak, and join hands with your bothers and sisters around the globe who have risen with you. Truly you are all one. Blessings and divine grace will be the reality for all who rise above the chaos. We are the light and joy of the world, in honor of each and every human.

Marc Chauvette’s Bio:

State of trance, it is just like if I were connected with all that is, it is just like if I and the universe had become one.
I feel this universe of love invading me, all this light which is crossing my body.
I have become everything that is and I have disappeared through this light.
I feel just like the universe is me.
All my body is burning, I am spirit and I feel strange, .
All what I have needed was to give love.
The sun shall rise in and transform the world in which we live.
This child living inside me seems to want to guide me on the strange path.
I can perceive the new world in which we shall live in, soon.
I am in a state of mental emptiness which drove me to my illumination.
Path of light, path of truth which sets us free.
I have discovered God, He was living within me, this spirit which connects us to everything that is.
I have spent all my life seeking the truth, and I have found it within me, and I have recognized God’s omnipresence.
cosmic coincidence sycro with my intend
a have reconise that life was a dream which seems to be real but and discover that physical reality can be altered by our state of consciousness.
Love to live, live to love, let yourself be guided by your intuition.

It is just like if the spirit was commanding every act I do in the light seems to have taken control over me.

I Never laugh about people or judge instead I try always to understand them and why they act the way they do.
God is walking with us; and be only one with this spirit which tries to set all free.
It is just like if all names and all forms were belonging to me.
Love, always love, love is eternal; love is what I have become.
I am never alone, God is with me and I am very thankful It is the return back home, the return in God’s spirit.
I am spirit, such is our true we.
Spiritual law love, love and patience.
I am not waiting for any miracle, love turns life magical.
The magic of love is what God has tried to teach us.
we are little gods in amnesia.
Love is the only truth, if you want to escape this misery; you have to learn to love.
Now I am a link between the divine and man.
I have always been very humble and as much neutral as possible about all subjects.
I think that nowadays man speaks too much and is too much serious.
I am just like the child as same as the wise man, seems to have time only for playing and serve to please.
I dream about a world of love and respect where every human is not denied and I know that the day shall come and all human beings will be in joy in an eternal sea of love and light.
You can become all that is if you follow my way and make one with all.
I am the light iam free peace is created through me , repeat this mantra and trust yourself and you too will become a master.
Live through virtue and you will become divine.
We depend only on our love kindness and compassion.

What looks like delirium to many seems to be wisdom to God.
Lucidity has been the deepest wound when i become one with the sun

The calm and the serenity that God’s light and spirit brings me, I will never trade them for anything else in this world.
Every day I can see my light is growing towards infinity.
All that I am is light and love.
On one day, you too will be touched by truth.
Ah, the happiness of a life based on truth.
I am always laughing about words and I never take anything personally.

End of Bio

Our Newest Love Reporter

Barclay Littlewood

Protect, love and revel, in the hidden essence of every human being,

Awake to the wonder, never forget what you’re seeing,

I am the divine and the eternal, infinite love, so freeing!

Look beyond, up, below, beneath the surface of appearance,

Through all life, you’ll find my beautiful coherence,

Free your mind, find me, and thus “your” disappearance.

Who is this “you” that you cherish so much?

Concepts of perception, thoughts, ideas, identity crutch,

No one has ever found this “you”, to see or to touch!

Having faith that “you” exist, is peering at the surface of the veil!

So hard for you to keep it there, unquestioned without fail,

A perfect material illusion was needed, for us to derail!

Dispel notions of “you”, your thoughts, your deepest label,

And to find God you’ll no longer need faith nor fable,

To connect with all, through your heart, you’ll be able.

This is not about religion or the rules of the Bible,

This is about seeing past separation, for humanities survival,

Loving the one life, is God’s true arrival!

And if you don’t like God, that funny name,

Call me something else, really it’s all the same,

It’s doesn’t matter from where I came – see past the separation game!

I’m a simple, all pervasive life force with no grudge,

I am love, no part of me to condemn, no other to judge,

Nothing to change about “you”, but illusion to budge!

You are not your mind, your body, nor your senses,

Yet how would green fields be there, without their fences?

Surely you know they’re all grass, when separation dispenses?

I want to come back now, together as one,

Now is the time, I decide this illusion’s undone,

Before you get confused and blow me up with a bomb!

If there was no “you”, split from another to address,

Who you would you have, to impress, to caress?

I’d be one formless mist, trying to love and express!

I am always here, in each and all that you know,

Connect beyond what’s seen, your experience will grow,

What you thought others were, you’ll see was a show!

I’ll come to you, in many races, expressions and faces,

At times presenting you, with very challenging cases,

Swap appearance based existence, see that bliss replaces!

No need for pride, dislike, so much aversion,

From true love, this simply creates a cunning diversion,

Leads you to judgment and hate, a painful excursion!

When you look or glance, into the eyes of “another”,

Do not forget that’s really me, more than simply a brother,

I am behind all form, address me, blow away the cover.

For you, it never takes “another” to know this,

Forgetting “others”, is only my welfare dismissed,

Would you push me, what you are, into the darkest abyss?

All form, all behaviour, everything so visible,

Is something that from me, is quite indivisible,

Only because you forget, do you think I’m invisible!

Be free, nourish me, nurture me, love me,

Be free, tend to me, rest in me, let me be,

Be free, love is all I am, all you can and can’t see!

I will never go, never leave, I will never be far,

I cannot leave you, I’m like the shine to a star,

The divine essence, at last, you know what you are!

A Letter to us From Barclay Littlewood

Thank you so much! With your love, this love just got stronger! : )

I would be honoured to be a writer for you! : ) Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change the world!

Here are my other details –

My full notes are here, –

I have also written a book –Eternal Love – Loving Beyond What Happens

It is not yet published, (I am funding it, and giving it away!) but I am happy to offer the draught manuscript via email to anyone that requires it!


Our Response Letter to Barclay


Yes, Together we Are Rising Up In One Voice with Our Unique Love, this is what is unfolding, for all of us Standing in the Light of Love. AS Each Of Us Express Love, The Light Gets Bigger! We are just putting the last touches on today;s Press. Have you joined the groups site? The Link is at the bottom of our signature page. Love Mother and Father God PS~ Love is Growing Stronger and expanding into grander experiences in every Moment. YAH Love!

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Lauren C.Corgo The Divine Human Upgrade, Happening Now

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With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff


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We Are here to Serve Humanity, with Unconditional Love and Compassion. With the Highest Truths for Their Awakening.
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