Galactic Free Press 8/28/10

Galactic Free Press ~ 8/28/10

Your Unique Paper for your 5D Reality reading pleasure”

Now, this is the Real Stuff”

~ Love Is Awakening Within You.. Enjoy! A Better way Has Arrived, called 5D Reality. Can You Feel It? We Are The Feeling By the Way~ We Love YOU!

Better Way Ben Harper

~ Everybody Wake Up!! You Will Be In Joy, Tears Of Joy and Laughter and so much Love pouring forth from your heart, we can feel that, can you?~ We are Waiting…~ Love is Calling You!

Dave Matthews Band Everybody Wake Up

~ We Are Better Together, Are You With US?~ You Plus Me, is The Greater “I AM”, it means more Love for Everybody Being Shared Equally~

Better Together Jack Johnson

~ We Are Bringing You Home, In Everyway, Every Moment, Everyday. See if you look outside, all you will see is the past, if you look inside, the present is the Brilliance of YOU, Have a Good Day~ Love Mom and Dad

Dave Matthews Everyday

Love is The Real Story

~End Transmission~

Now from Love Reporter

Wynn Free

I wrote this long before I had any of this interdimensional stuff occur.  I know it’s an experience which many of you might identify with…………….

By Wynn Free

Worthiness, self worth,
I am an expert on these.
I wish I could say
I’ve mastered them,
But, more often,
They’ve mastered me
As my subconscious level of lack
Would cause
Outward situations to manifest
Which matched the inner.
The problem:
How does one learn to deserve more?
I contemplate the reasons
For my unworthiness,
And reflect on my oppressed childhood,
Rejecting myself.
I see how I shrank from life
Into safer places inside myself.
And now I’m trying to unshrink myself
And love you,
Because you are worthy
And to have you,
I must experience
In my heart of hearts,
That I deserve you. and Answers with the Elohim
Questions and Answers with the Elohim

Note from Wynn: I think I’m about over this. It’s about time. It’s about creating value for others. You can’t create value for others and not feel worthy.If you guys email me and ask, I might put a poetry book together.

Wynn’s Dream Messages

Sometimes current. Sometimes not…..

“I’m not the cause of your problems. I’m the cause of your solutions.”

(c)2008 Wynn Free

Permission granted to share this page for non profit purposes as long as contact website and email are included: and

Now from Love Reporters

_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna

~ Children of Light of the Seventh Day I ~

by The Goldring Networking Link of Enlightenment and Abundance on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 5:30am

~ * ~ From this time forward the Wayshowers have come into their power and so they face the Dark Masters of theBlack Alliance. The Black Alliance sits upon the threshold of the dawn and are not willing to leave the power and walk away into the night. They have become emotional predators, disconnected. They live off of conflict, death, disease and despair.

~ Give them compassion and ask that they would free themselves of their self-imposed exile. There are others that walk the Dark road away from the light. They hope to stay away from the light for it brings change. In the change you are transformed and never will be able to return to the lesser energy. There is resistance to the greater by those who have found comfort in the old ways, yet the old ways are no more and you are to go forward and never look back through the closing doorway.

~ As Wayshowers recede and face the Dark Masters and see change come upon them they stand on the threshold with the light and see the dark ones question their choice to stand against the wave of change. The Light will pass through them without care or thought of their resistance. It is the challenge of the Wayshowers to be guides and guardians of lost souls.

~ The Game is ending now as time is ceasing. The walls are breaking away, the energy is fading and the obstacles are diminishing. There is peace in the hearts of the walkers on the path to the end of days. You have been cared for and watched by greater souls of your galaxy. They wish to give you the vision of life of future enduring happiness. It is all about your vision to see and know that you are the hope for the New Age.

~  It is through your faith in this vision that you create the world you are becoming. From the depth of past experience your heart grows in new purpose as Andromeda brings your galaxy into alignment. From the light of the Fifth Day bring forth the new dream.

~ The dreamtime of the children of the light awakens. Allow them to be that which you have promised, to inherit the power of the world. Be parents to the angels walking on the path of this new Light. Embolden and raise your thoughts to higher frequencies. Look into the eyes of the young and know you are here to lead them to their authority. It is your duty, mission and promise made to younger arriving souls to open the lighted pathway.

~ The Children of Light are here to receive the inheritance of the greater world and to breathe the dream of the new day, the Golden Age of the Seventh Light. The Seventh Light brings the great dream into realization, and the children born upon this planet are the ones to activate the new beginning.

~ Let go, surrender, give up and flow with the feeling of happiness and bliss. There is peace in your heart at the sound of this for you can let go and be with the River of Heaven in the Seventh Light. Listen to the heart of hearts. Find again the sound and tone of the child within.

~ The Christ within that speaks in the voice of the angel, the Goddess of Light. You are brought into remembrance of the great light of the Seven Stars of the Pleiades. Sing forth to the child within. Awaken the Children of the Dawn. They bring the Seventh Light into creation. Release to them the power. You are their Guardians. You have grown from being a Wayshower to a Guardian of Love and Light. You are anointed within the grand spectrum of the Central Sun.

~ There are open doorways which are shining the light of the Seven Rays of the 13 vibrations to create the myriad of images, symbols and diversity of supreme contrast. Children of the million suns shine forth in Higher Light. It is the higher intelligence you have sought. The Children of Light are incarnated as you have believed and they have come forth. They are the Teachers of Light that have come to manifest and you are to follow their dreams into fulfillment.

~ Give forth your power as Guardians to protect, honor and support the children who are here to guide all into knowledge and destiny. In this great ascension the Children of Light come with the heritage of the Wayshowers to carry on the plan. They guide all to the light of the Seventh Sun. All beings on the planet have come on the request of the Mother of Creation. She is revealed as the one who speaks to the heart of her children.

~ The new Masters of Light are female as they speak first of the mother’s love for her children. From all eternity the Mother of Creation gives forth her body so that the children may be born and come into incarnation.

~ She gives unselfishly so that they may enjoy this plane of existence with the full realization of the promise, purpose and destiny that is shared by the whole family. The tone brings out to you that which you have always known and now know you can align to the vibrations that install the programs that will develop the Seventh Sun, the final universal tone that brings about the Andromeda Enlightenment. Align and ascend with the River of Heaven as it flows into the Central Sun.

~ The Mother of Creation gives life to the Feminine Christ Within. The Father of Creation aligns with the Central Sun within, and the Family reaches the higher Light. The family is held together by the love of All That Is, and All That Is establishes itself both within and without and in all futures and the past.

~ I am that you are and you are that I am. There is no other way.

~ Feel the words circle upon the waves and become the deamtime. Beyond the dream there is union in the fullness of spirit where all souls combine in the greater world in Oneness of being. The perfect circle of being is born in the safe world of the loving arms of the Mother guided by the strength of the Father, and both are fulfilled as the Children of the Seventh Heaven, the Seventh Light, the Aquarian Age and the New Age, the New Golden Age are born.

~ There is always freedom and choice and there is compassion for the return of love in the hearts of the Dark Ones and that they are brought back into unison. They have followed the fear into the dark caverns and have sought to learn greater lessons rather than living in joy. Wayshowers show the Dark Ones their power to dominate is over, and ask them to choose to follow the wisdom of the Children of Light.

~ The Children of Light bring forth the dawn. They are born from the innocent wise souls and bring forth the brighter Light. They are givers of initiation, they teach the passage of consciousness, the end of time and the end of the era of darkness. They bring the greater awakening and the enlightenment.

_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna

We Love you Unconditionally

Father-Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff


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