Galactic Free Press 8/25/10

Galactic Free Press ~ 8/25/10

Your Unique Paper for your reading pleasure”

Is the Moment of Now Good enough for You or Are You Good Enough for the Moment of Now?”

See, it was not us that closed the lion’s gate, it was where the Planet was in the solar system, Galaxy and the Universe, where the energy shifted to a different frequency. Thank the Planets and the Stars for that one.

Braincells are receptors of fields of energy, and fields of energy contain Consciousness. The more your braincells are connected to the fields of living energy, the more Consciousness you have available. Consciousness becomes a resource to use in becoming Aware of your Being, after all, you are here, aren’t you? How does it feel? Feeling is how to connect into the fields of Consciousness. Consciousness is also equal to Spirit, which is the fabric of 5D-Reality. 5D-Reality is Unity with ALL Love is, equal to you, equal to us. Within the light of Consciousness be Aware.

God is Consciousness, Being Aware of spontaneous events. No more can a singular Being change the scope of Creation by being ignorant. What is ignorance? Are you? In ignorance who is there? Anyone but you? Self-ignorance is missing yourself, where did you go? Who is Present Now? There is a Being called you, do you know you yet? Or are you still pretending to be ignorant? See We have a lot of questions that only you can answer for yourself. How does this feel, you to be your answer? There are a lot of people around you that want to tell you who you are, do they know you? Do they know themselves? If they do know themselves, they are not trying to tell you how to live your Life, they are living their’s in service to the Life they are living, which of course is the benefit to All, because they are living Life. Now, are you?

We report on reality. To understand that, you also have to be in reality, the real reality of Consciousness Being transformed into Awareness of Being Present Now, Equal “I AM”. The “I” equal Consciousness, the “AM” equal Awareness in exacting balance exactly. How does that feel? ‘Cause it’s Now.

Flame is On!

“In God We Trust Burning Flame 1”

Lights UP!

Humanity is Now entering 5D-Reality. Although you will discover that there are those that will stay in 2d-thought, your Missions are To Experience 5D-Reality in Reality. Period.

Us sharing the information provides an opportunity for every human Being on this Planet to awaken from the dream effortlessly. Information is shared freely, because that’s just the way truth is. Honestly. This can only get better from here.

Stryper “Honestly”

The inevitable is the Love that is Awakening within Each Human Being on this Planet. This experience is Love Everywhere Present, far grander then anything you could have ever imagined and We Are REAL. In reality you cannot change Now, but you can participate in the experience. The Now of the Living Universe says “ How’s that Feel?” Feels pretty good to us, in Fact this Tickles!! Just a Feeling, a Nice Feeling of Joy!

What A Feeling, Flashdance

End Transmission

Father-MotherGod Amon Ra

From our Newest Love Reporter

Jean Victoria Norloch

So I and you can become we…”

The race is on as the movement for unity becomes more powerful; the rush to be at the forefront of the movement at first seemed to be taking its toll. There was talk of discordance,
division, judgments and pointing of fingers. The ‘we’ seemed for a
moment lost in the ‘I’ and I was at a complete loss as to understand
why. Then after yet another series of potent reminders coming in waves
from various sources then reason hit home crashing down on me like a
powerful unity wave onto the shores of humanity. The why in one brief
flash (though long harshly learned) moment of insight became ‘why not?’

It is not discord and dissonance, it is diversity and diversity makes up the family we call humanity. So yes there is a rather big crying out of I but perhaps it might be good to
consider that fact that I is the first letter in the great ‘I AM’.

Understanding that ‘I AM’ is me, ‘I AM’ is you, and ‘I AM’ is them; then ‘I AM’ is also us.

How big is our planet? How large is the population? How many different cultures, races, belief systems are held within the boundaries of our current 3 D reality. Can you count them?
Can you name them? Do you know them all?

No? Me neither…

Which I think is more than OK; in fact it is exactly how it is meant to be. For all those who my message does not reach there is I am positive a different source of that same message
that does happen to be within ear shot of the ears my message is not
able to reach.

Oh yes, it’s true, even though, even though my me is the great ‘I AM’ and your you is also the great ‘I AM’; it is together that our ‘I Am’ becomes the potentially powerful
force that imitates change.

Can one person do it alone? No, of course not, it was never meant to be that way. Do we have to work together to shift the movement for change into high gear; of course, but…

Does working together mean doing the same thing at the same time? No, perhaps not. What it may mean is me doing my thing (writing) and her doing her thing (painting) and him doing his
thing (providing the canvas for us to write and paint on) and when we
put all our things together it makes up a magnificent piece of art. I
can’t do your thing, I was never meant to. It’s not my task, my role, my
purpose. I am here to do my thing so that if your thing does not touch
that persons heart maybe my thing well. It works both ways, by the way,
so I am counting on you to keep doing your thing, just in case my thing
isn’t enough.

In the end, we are all headed in the same direction, and even if we take a different path to get there that is only so that we have the opportunity to learn from all the incredible
people we meet along the way. When we get to where we are going, we can
share out stories and talk about our adventures. I am willing to bet
there will be a lot of “you will never guess who I bumped into back
there”. If we all walked down the same road, let’s face it when we
finally stopped walking we would probably not have much left to talk

Funny, it took me long enough to figure it out and I am sure you will understand why I am standing here shaking my head. Unity is not about us all doing or saying the same thing, it is
about us embracing and rejoicing in all the different things now being
done with the same heart.

Our heart, the heart of humanity made up of many hearts all beating to the same unity drum. Pounding out a strong base to which all unity songs may be sung and all unity dances may be
danced. Thousands of us, all headed in the same direction, working
towards the same thing and shouting the same message.

Does it matter that I do not know your name or that you know mine? Not to me, because I know you are there, I can feel you, we are after all ONE.

Created By

Toronto based author Jean Victoria Norloch invites you to join her on Sept 4, 2010 at a local Filipino hot spot Bistro Manila for a few hours to meet the author and learn about her experiences in the Philippines. Well known for its fine authentic Filipino cuisine and friendly welcoming staff Bistro Manila is opening its doors early on Saturday to any and all who wish to explore Jeans reason for leaving her life behind and vent…uring off to the other side of the world with nothing but a dream and a strong desire to understand the hearts of the people she was blessed to meet while she was there.
Join Jean for a few hours of conversation then stick around for an evening of fine food and Karaoke. Signing will take place starting at 12 noon and running until 4pm. Bistro Manila is located at 4455 Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough ON at the South East corner of Sheppard and Brimley. We look forward to seeing you there.


Finding one’s own truth of what it takes to be happy can be an extraordinarily liberating experience. For Feenx, a divorced, single mother, it starts with a sudden whim to quit her job in Toronto and embark on her own personal quest, one that takes her to the other side of the world, to the Philippines.
But what she intends to find varies greatly from what she actually discovers. In a place where oppression, starvation, strong family values, the survival instinct, and unconditional faith intermingle, Feenx awakens to all the possibilities that life presents. It is here that she reconnects with a young Canadian/Filipino musician, a man who represents the lost love she has been hungering for her entire life.
During her stay, Feenx writes daily letters to a friend back home telling of her travels, the culture, the people, and all the lessons she’s learned about life and love. But overshadowing it all is Feenx’s struggles with her own lack of faith, and the unrelenting desire to leave her previous life behind and stand by a man she hardly knows, yet with whom she has shared her life many times before…
Passionate and profound, Truth examines the soul of humanity through the hourglass of one woman’s irrepressible spirit.


During one of her many trips to the other side of the world, Feenx receives an email from Heaven and is offered a choice – Stay on Earth and continue to work with the man Feenx knows to be her past, present and future; or go home to Heaven. The reward is to learn from the spirits of truths that will help both her and her partner further their future work on Earth.

To go home to Heaven is to leave behind all those Feenx loves. The brave soul risks losing connection with not only them, but the woman she was. Keeping with her nature, Feenx takes the risk and accepts God’s offer. Embarking on a journey into the unknown, our heroine does not know how long she will be gone or if ever she will be allowed to return.

Completing her transition into her little slice of heaven, Feenx acquaints herself with the local inhabitants. Each is a person who has been given the same offer as herself. Joining forces with an old friend, a human fairy, a demon, and a couple old souls; Feenx engages in an exploration of the human condition as seen from the view of these new friends. Eventually, Feenx is approached by ancient spirits and agrees to be a tool with which they can communicate openly to those on Earth. Though some of what Feenx learns cannot be immediately reconciled as truths, she allows the ancients to continue their lessons. The light of the truth she has thus far faced are but a candle beside the burning sun of the challenges Feenx will face in the future. Feenx persists in her exploration of humanity, hoping she might share the slightest spark of that light upon returning to Earth. Feenx survives her brief trip to Heaven and returns to those she loves. Holding dear to the hope for the future, Feenx continues her work with a fresh outlook on the potential strength of the human spirit.

Going Home to Heaven is a unique exploration of the soul of humanity. Seen through the eyes of highly spirited and unique entities whose only desire is to help humans move past the “now”. The goal being to bring humanity into a new world of light, love and laughter.


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Love Donations Here Please!

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Love Father-Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff


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