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The Sound of Creation is Music Being Played and Heard.


Love will find a Way

Today is the official closing of the Lions Gate. ALL those “IN” are “IN”, and Its A PARTY!!

Those who look from within their Heart, see Love Everywhere Present. Those who have not Love in their heart, see only emptiness.

We Start with Love in our Hearts.

Perfect Balance Means Equality..Now who is not equal?

And Now A Love internet, Chat Conversation that occurred with US, and Another Love Being.

Love,Love 爱 Love: yoyo


US: Brilliance Shining Everywhere

Love,Love 爱 Love: ha

how are you?

US: Wonderful

Love,Love 爱 Love: of course wonderful

US: and YOU?

Love,Love 爱 Love: wonderful

oh ye

i had a wonderful experience today

US: share?

Love,Love 爱 Love: in the NOW moment

i was ‘sleeping ‘

my body was so hot

the burning heat emits from the heart

in waves

heart flame lights up

like a fountain


transmuting all back to pure

stillness of being

Love Love Love

US: Yep, Thats the ONE

How does that Feel?

Love,Love 爱 Love: wonderful



Love,Love 爱 Love: ty

US: Thank You for Receiving Your Gift

Love,Love 爱 Love:

i am sharing this love with my girlfriend

US: Brilliant

share it with all your atoms, too also equal

Love,Love 爱 Love: oh ye

that would be awesome

US: then thats everything

Love,Love 爱 Love: i m gonna be covered by fire


Love,Love 爱 Love: oh ye

US: Love Expresses through you through joy

Love,Love 爱 Love: Brilliant

US: that is all atoms connected, in One Joyful Experience, Including Those Around You if they Open themselves too it

then every moment is an expression of Joy

Love,Love 爱 Love: Heaven


US: Twin Flame Love is The Highest Sexual Expression

of this Joy Expressed, in which they share together

Love,Love 爱 Love:

US: Thats the Oneness, Being Connected in thats the complete circuit

Love,Love 爱 Love: ye

i m reading the message

US: Its Beautiful

Marc Wrote it

Sent at 7:52 AM on Saturday

Love,Love 爱 Love: cool

Sent at 7:55 AM on Saturday

US: The sound of Creation is Music… Being Heard and played!

From Love Reporter Marc Chauvette
“Transformation and Progress”

Moving from stillness and confusion, trying to adapt to the changes doing all we can to stay focused and grounded into the infinite Consciousness, to react properly to all that happened in our Life, and to this world eternal change movement,seem to never stop, we love movement, because it is the proof, that we are in progress, going slowly, to help us see the sign, and mark, that everything is moving toward the realization of our dream, as we move closer to the realization of the dream world, sometimes we have to take a new look at what we are doing, and see our self with a new perspective.

As We release deeper truth, we uncover deeper  wounds, that sometimes trigger fear, because of our misunderstanding, that is caused often by old beliefs and our old perceptions. As we let go of of our old preconception, we allow deeper transformation of our self, and the world. As we look within, release ourself, create new perspectives, we are discovering power within us, that We before, thought didn’t exist. Sometimes, we may feel ashamed and want to apologize to our creator as we now see a way,out of our misery. We found a new joy right where we are. The question to ask ourselves is “why were we not seeing it before, how can this last forever” See Now, everyday brings more miracles and fantastic events, its up to us to see.

How amazing it is, to be alive, now on this planet. We focused and looked at the plant nature, how well all this is growing. How can we have forgotton the other creatures that enjoy all this nature too and ask our self with little madness, why are we destroying what sustains us all. We develop new patience within us, as we start taking mindful action, while we allow room for joy in the same moment.

God might not fix all the problem of the world for us, no matter how miserable life can become, but as we recognize what mistake were done to cause this misery, we see new doors and opportunities opening to us that can lead us to our childhood dream.

We take the challenge to see what brings joy to us, and all that surrendering, the ride and transformation seem faster, as we let go of worrying about all that can happen in the future. We start appreciating our journey event more in this world. Accepting all gifts with gratitude, We apply forgiveness and send healing to every situation that are disharmonic, which allow the healing of our being.

Guidance comes subtly to us, confirming that all that We have been waiting for, is in process of becoming reality. We feel even more grateful for our opportunity, of Being a part of humanity, seeing how amazing, this shift in consciousness is.

We are slowly removing the masks, that society created for us, and correcting our behavior that we have so often ignored in the past. It takes courage to put down our masks that the ego has created. The surprise when We finally do so, we seem to receive more approval than ever before, for Being the truth with our self.

One of the pitfalls on the path of self-realization, is that we can be caught in the intellectual idea of how a spiritual person is meant to look, and we create a spiritual ego. We then create a new box of rules, on how we are suppose to behave, on the same teaching that helped us break the boxes in which we where trapped in the firs tplace. Completion, enlightenment, and self realization doesn’t have a box, and is totality unlimited as we realize, that everything is expanding eternally. Great inventions and social changes are often the result of unconventional thinking. your ideas may seem irrational and unrealistic to others.

Can you  trust your intuition, dreams, and visions enough to stay true to them, even if not  receiving social approval? If not, how can you say I honor my inner voice

World Server

By Love Reporter Michael Boone

What is my service? White mirror reflects endlessness. Service is called forth from truth. The

world is served, when it is created anew everyday. Reporting on Love, is to embrace what is

happening here and Now.

Yesterday, Karen wrecked on a motorcycle. She really wanted to ride one. “Hey Andrew”, can I ride your bike”? she asked a little while after he pulled up. “Sure”, Andrew had consented. Karen was walking off to the bike in no time. Saw her go for a little spurt, and then she layed the bike down pretty good, real quick like, in no time. She was

down. Oh man. Andrew helped her out from under the bike. Karen was crying. She had

landed smack dab in the middle of a cactus patch. Damn.

As I pulled prickly pear cactus out of her hand, Karen wept. A few of us helped her over to chairs. Someone looked for a pain killer. Another massaged her shoulder. Somebody sang a

song. That night Karen thanked everyone for Being there for her. Said she had never

experienced that before. Love. Said she had found home, a family.

The other Day some neighbors came by with some heady thoughts about our dogs. Said

We weren’t feeding them properly. Fearful We are of not having enough. Abundance is

absence of this fear. Judgment is absence of abundance. Proactivity has no room for

doubt. Love can be shared when accusations are layed aside. My service is to be who I am

completely, reporting on the good stuff.

Last night I hung out with some teenagers around a video game having to do with warfare.

The characters go around killing the enemy in a nightmarish ultra realistic war scenario, just

like Afghanistan. “I was raised in the military”, I say as I sit down on the couch. Sky Ray hands

me a glass of Chokecherry juice. Well, I have a few gulps and pass it to Collins. As Collins

reaches out for the juice, his man gets slaughtered at point blank and there is blood on the

screen, splattered like a Jackson Pollack. I’m like, “awesome, the soldier has chosen Life, not


This is the choice We are making Now. What will We pay attention to. They ask me if I want

to play. “No thanx”. Embracing every situation is the condition of creating from primordial

stillness. Real creativity. I’m paying attention to the way in which alternate realities are

created when options are offered forth by the art community. The Creation of these options is

the service of the World Server. The options are just choices that spring naturally when the

cup is emptied continually, filled continually, in an endless rhythmic cycle of flo. Giving and

receiving. Ebb and Flo, ebb and flo. This awareness springs naturally from the source of all

things. Music is the sound of all Creation.

This morning, as this reporter sits here at his work, playing the Day away. Receptive to the

gifts of Day, resonating with the awareness of what the service is, he writes. Writes this

article as an act of truth on the plane of manifestation. Seeing what the Day brings. Rising to

Father Sun, Mother sends her morning messages out. The Galactic Free Press releases Love

from an infinite heart Moment felt all along and anew. Self regenerating, regulating rooted in

Earth dirt and crowned by a bird, magnetizing the tree of the world. Sorrow laden worlds Now

what? When freed from the bonds of ignorance? Untethered from entangling attachments

fears Now seen for what they are?

Love shared, in the making, the co-creative universal

reality production of Shakespearean delight. Tender Morsels of truth delivered in cadence

cicada ourd’ourve servings. One course after another. Day and night, Day and night…

Today We will work together to organize the Art Studio. Later in the week We have an Art

Show planned for Francesco, the portrait artist. He is telling the story of the destruction of

the environment in Appalachia, as well as Hurricane Katrina. Dynamic art forms involve lots of

people and help to create a culture of choices that are grounded in respect for Mother Earth.

Thanks Francesco and thanx to this art community for supporting his service. When

awareness of who We are is furthered, We are all furthered. Love, Blessings, Namaste, beings of light, Welcome Home to a home of your making, my choosing, our allowance. The

World Servers acceptance of all that is and all of the powers latent in an Awakening Humanity,

star seeded once and always and unfurling in phase together with all God’s Creation, Spirit’s

gift of jubilation is the continual cyclic psychic rejuvenation, Goddess and God in concert with

galactic intention, the information the service I in I, eagles cry, and see, what We create from

Day to Day. Thanx and Praise.n

End Transmission

WE Love You Unconditionally!!

Love Father-Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff


The Following is a Green Love Donation Request for Our Love Fund to Finance the Divine Mission. This Mission Requires ALL OF US.

Love Donations Here Please!

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